Asus Zenfone max pro m2 chrome and Gmail crash



  • thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou .. i alrdy 1 night trying to figure it out .. if possible not reset my phone so keep on trying finding the problem .. now after googlechrome uninstalled everything is good !!! thank a lot !

  • why when I charge the battery there is a + symbol?

  • Someone please give me a solution :(

  • JerJer Level 1

    + Symbol when charging means fast charging

  • Oh..tysm..


  • azmiboyazmiboy Level 1

    Same with me, and i get aw snap too

  • dbss206dbss206 Level 1
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    Google Chrome AW Snap error since yesterday.

    Chrome version 83.0.4103.60

    Android build Pie 063 update

    Edit: I uninstalled updates, using factory version of Chrome and I have downloaded Chrome Beta. Chrome Beta works well

  • JerJer Level 1

    Try disable and enable chrome on the setting.

  • JerJer Level 1


    After disabling and enabling the app, my chrome just work fine. But, after I restarted my phone, my chrome got aw snap and crash again, so I need to disable and enable the app again.

  • satriasatria Level 1
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    disabling and enabling the chrome app and dont update the chrome or it will make your g mail and chrome don't work

  • dbss206dbss206 Level 1

    Guys. Good news. I finally discovered that Google has rolled back the app to its previous stable version. Nothing to worry. Just uninstall updates, and re-update Chrome. Google Chrome ll be rolled back to good ole 81.0.4044.38. enjoy guys

  • JerJer Level 1
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    Thx dude, its work. By the way, for people that afraid of uninstalling google chrome update because you don't remember your account password, you don't need to login again after uninstalling chrome update. I tried it!

  • guys i am also facing the same problem since yesterday man i was just about to fACTORY reset thank god i saw this feed.

  • Hi,

    Device: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2

    Every application is getting crash after starting and chrome is also not able to open the pages.

    Please help

  • Disable Google Chrom and Enable it again, dont update new version. And all your apps will be working fine.

    there is a bug in new update of Google chrom.

  • JerJer Level 1

    You can do uninstall update on google chrome setting and update the chrome in the Google play store now, they have rolled back update to the previous version. It's stable tho.

  • Hi there, we understand the emotions of our users, our team is working towards giving Asus users a better experience with their devices and will continue to do the same. We request you to understand the process and stay tuned to our Official channels in the meantime.

    Now i know how to Copy paste .😇

  • Hi all

    Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Kindly provide 3 main information below so that we could better assist you.

    1. Model Name: Settings>System>About phone

    Refer to the link below to check the model name by model no. in the link

    2. Your current firmware version

    Settings >System>About Phone>Build Number

    3. Version of Google/Chrome/Gamil

    Settings>Apps & notifications>See all>App info>Google/Chrome/Gamil>Advanced>version no. at the bottom

    =====Recap below====

    1. Model Name:

    2. Firmware Version:

    3. Google Version:

    Chrome Version

    Gmail Version

    4. Other relative issues:


    I will forward the information above to the relevant department. If there is any other relative issues, please also let me know. We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

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