Android 10 in two days?

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:ZB602KL
  2. Firmware Version:063
  3. Rooted or not:NOT
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):


We will get android 10 within 2-3 days according to asus



  • GokulGokul Level 1

    No..the team are testing the stable build so that the update is completed..They are checking for any incompatible issues and will launched in upcoming days..

  • They are making fool of us like this from April 1st . After that they are repeatedly giving same timeline to other users until now as they have no update . But it's a mere joke. 82 hrs from now , we will come to know the reality . Until unless any one of the device users got Android 10 stable update after Asus uploaded it to server , nothing can't be confirmed.

  • Android 10 stable update when rollout

  • GokulGokul Level 1

    Change of android 10 , won't get it soon.

  • Every APRIL month is ASUS ZENFONE MAX PRO M1 users foolish day.

    Last Year foolish with Pie (🥺🥺😵😵Worst performance like OREO🤩 )

    And Year ago🥰😍🤩 launch mobile with many features then disable😰😨🤐😬🤭 feature one by one

    (like Native video call😫😩, speaker volume🤕🤒, battery backup😠😡 and much more.....😷😤😴👿😈...)

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    My device max pro m2 is showing "your device is can't be trusted any more" while booting....can anyone PLZZ tell me how to solve it.

  • FloydFloyd Level 1

    Asus developers team died or alive??

    Asus not thinking about customer! They are focusing on making money itself. If Asus thinking about customer then they will set a date for stable update to the developer team, but they didn't did it,it means they are not thinking about customer.

    About Asus developers team they are taking salary, sitting in Air conditioner and making fun. By reading customers comments. They are not focusing on their work. They are like old tubelight ( flashing late). If Asus & Asus developers team reading please think about it.

    If u not provide stable update on this month, we will start revolution by making #lazyASUS #don'tbuyAsusProduct

  • Even Nokia (who always provides on time updates) too is failing providing Android 10 on time. They published a proper timeline for Android 10 upgrade for its different kind of models back in 2019 and later in February, they revised those tentative dates due to COVID-19 lockdown. As per their latest timeframe, Nokia 5.1 plus should have started getting Android 10 by 2nd half of April. Nokia India official Twitter handle also replied to one of its users who asked about the date of Android 10 stable version release for Nokia 5.1 plus device on 20-22nd April, 2020 where Nokia India replied him, "VERY SOON".. But today morning, Nokia 5.1 plus devices start receiving an update which came with only April security patch, nothing else. So every brand is delaying their Android 10 upgrade plan due to several factors such as low manpower availability in the office due to COVID-19 lockdown throughout the world. I think, at this point, we should give them a little bit of more time like 15-20 days further to sort things out. 


    If we were able to wait for long these 3 months since beta was released, then we should wait for half a month more. Give them time. Its not like that they aren't working, they surely are. Thats why they provided April security patch on time (this time even before Nokia, which is an Android One OEM). Its just getting delayed a little bit otherwise if lockdown situation was not there, we would have get the Stable Android 10 by now, by the end of April.

    It does not matter at all to Asus if you start a "REVOLUTION" with such hash tag trends.. 😂😂😂

    They don't even care if you are going to buy any further Asus mobile in future not or even if you convince your friends and family members not to biy Asus mobiles..

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    I dont know why people are such in a rush for updates? What will you do with android 10 that you cant do with pie? Wait for some time....You all are in a hurry n asus ll give you a buggy update... Then again you all will shout the same...So wait..

  • Delay because of covid-19 is a different thing but I got android 10 on my 6.1 in January. Please stop defending this shitty brand. I don't give f**k about android 10 on an asus phone because I know that would be buggy as hell. I've learnt my lesson and never going to buy an asus phone again.

  • Oh really? Nokia released android 10 for a lot of phones within January. Stop defending this shitty brand.

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    I know to which models Nokia released A10 till date. Believe me, those were before COVID-19 was declared Pandemic and those models received A10 as per the earlier timeline published by Nokia. Considering your statement, let me tell you that even Asus also released A10 for its other devices, remember? Nokia postponed its rest of the other model list A10 release dates which due to receive A10 stable in between February to March as per their earlier timeline chart they released back in 2019. Nokia released a fresh new timeline in March end with delayed timeline and as per that new timeline, Nokia 5.1 plus is the device which should have been started receiving A10 from Mid April onwards. But today morning, they pushed an update with just the April security patch.

    Anyways, do you own any Nokia phone?

  • Asus every new update is like treasure hunt for us but unlike gold coins,diamonds,etc we have to find bugs,small bugs,hidden bugs,disgusting bugs and so on.


  • 😂😂😂.. moreover, even if we find and report, moderators take months to follow up and recognize then only they forward the reports to the dev team. While dev team gets into work to fix those reported bugs, till then they bring in newer bugs.. 😜

  • AtulAtul Level 1

    It isn't just Corona effect. Asus delayed the update when they released pie also. Do you think if it wasn't corona they would have released the update by now?lol.

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    Yes. They would release it by end of April if it wasn't lockdown going on. Considering the time of beta release, Asus developers take minimum 2 months to Maximum 3 months of time to publish the stable version. FYI, they took approximately same time period during Pie beta to Pie Stable if you forgot about the duration between beta to stable release. (Beta Pie released on 1st or 2nd February 2019 and Stable Pie was rolled out for Max Pro M2 on 14th or 15th of April 2019).

  • If defending Asus is your utmost priority then I'm not going to argue with you. You may have love for Asus but I don't. All I know is I've made a mistake by buying this shitphone and I'll never buy an Asus phone again.

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    asus user.. we got update 10 beta.. horeee (flash and loss all internal data) , after a view day.. asus user here file to downgrade. m1.m1 pro m2 m2 pro. we will release stable 10 soon. soon untill end of the year?

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