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  • Same here brother was not even aware of Rog series at all . Untill I watched its review videos that too which came in suggestion videos while watching 11pro max review and I was like wtf dude , they build a PC damn it . Now sadly it just behaves like other phons and updates suck , I thought samsung is behind but they imporved after I left them haha and I feel like downgraded now??. Let's see if there is anything for us on 28feb or 29feb hoping that they might update as on 28th it will be 2 months for beta testing , I think it's more than enough dude.

  • Next time be sure to remember to not to fall under youtubers hands ?‍♂️??

  • I agree with this SO MUCH i borrowed my sister's p30 and it has more stable hdr extreme on hotdrop with not so hot temp. I really thought i would be stuck with smooth extreme. but playing with the p30 for awhile i realize that the ROG2 is still lacking optimization. I try to lower my refresh rate to 60 and with the aero cooler fan installed but temp control and FPS stability is much more stable with the P30. I know that we bought ROG2 mostly for gaming but to think that a P30 can play more stable on hotdrop without having a temp higher than 40c. There is some work to do with the optimization. I mean sure we have the "overclocked chipset" but still if we can manually tweak it. P30 not the pro version only has 300k antutu benchmark but it has been optmized well without the Xmode or something. You can drop at any hotdrop with ease and stable FPS. therefore with that result i could say that ROG2 that has a 500k antutu benchmark can still do SO MUCH MORE with having LESS TEMP and much more stable performance if it has been optimized pretty well with devs.

  • I don't play PUBG Mobile but out of curiosity I've just installed on both of my phones, ROG phone 2 and LG V30+.

    Ran at highest settings on both devices.

    LG ran without any lags or frame drops,

    ROG with X mode had few lags here and there. Not too much of lag but not butter smooth either. Noticed frame drops especially while engaging with enemies

  • Rog 2 has more lags than u think come to Ace or conquerer where either we rush 2-3 squads or 2-3 squads rushes us . This is the point where it render laggs as hell

  • Haha soo true. Try playing on rog to at high tiers where there will be 30 people at the the end circles .

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    Found a temporary fix for pubg lag. Just clear storage and start game again, see my screenshot.

    I played in HDR Extreme frames were between 58-60, X mode off see my screenshot for my pubg scenario profile. I tried at the lowest possible CPU frequency and temperature.

    In my opinion Rog 2 and 855+ plus is itself a beast, it's just Asus' glitchy software optimization or Pubg's bad optimization, hope this gets fixed in next update.

    Also what I noticed was pubg lag issue starts when we spectate someone from our friend's list. I am not sure about it though.

    Hope we get a permanent fix soon.

  • Have you try this setting? I used it for CODM and no lagg. Srry not that high rank in pubg to test for you.

  • I tried max settings in armoury crate, x mode ultimate, CPU 2.96, temperature high. But when it lags(frame drops) it lags like hell. Sometimes it even goes to as low as 14 FPS.

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    I could,hit me up,as a comp player my experience would probably be helpful

  • SRRY Anders_ASUS I would be a great help for u guys but I have exams till March 24 th so cannot participate in extra activities . But I can give u 100% help from March 25 th :).

  • All I can is good luck lmao

    Trusting vivo/oppo subsidiaries ?

    Firstly awful skin

    No dev program

    Rip gcam development

    No ETA

    No proper forum for their devices

  • Pubg is fcked up after latest update my pal on Honor and Oneplus 7t are facing frame drops and stutters too

    The game is poorly optimised for android

  • Kek 720 "liquid retina" gimmick (+ an LCD for 50k)

    + It's 60hz with no so great latency

    Rog is still a beast and its sales are only gonna increase now :D

    They launched fricking 8 betas to polish A10 as much as possible and a "gaming device" has a dedicated beta program + dev program+ arnova is getting the device so good gcam development

    So they got my respect there

    Armory crate + Rog UI+Zen UI features is just lub

    Go on buy whatever you want tho

    Your money your wish!

    I'll just down the things Zen ui does better than other Ui's

    1. Unlike other OEMs you don't need root to access secondary lens (wide angle ) in Asus phones

    2. You don't need root to add fonts ( looking at you oneplus)

    3. Scheduled charging (custom timer>ai learning)

    4. Audiowizard (it's great! Both for the customisations it offers for headphones and speakers, outdoor mode is an added bonus)

    5. Quickswitch

    6. Google feed in stock launcher

    7. Zen UI basically covers all features and is 99.9% stock almost all non essential"BLOATWARE" has been removed

    You only get the essential"Asus apps like calculator, dialer etc" and Google stock apps

    Armory crate for Rog is a godsend being able to oc cpu,gpu,fan speed and for being in total control and deciding how much your device should throttle

    Rog's usp isn't updates it's it's hardware and you mentioned it's still on October patch to that I'll mention that the beta is on Jan afaik + stable update will carry the latest security patch ( btw why do you care so much about the being on the latest patch lol)

    + Nothing much changed from pie to 10 it's just the Gestures (which many people don't like )

    Ik you want to be on the latest possible firmware but consider that it's an complex"gaming oriented" device so it won't get faster updates, all you can wish for is "stable feature based updates"

    I'll mention this too:

    Black shark 2 pro and red magic 3 launched alongside Rog 2 and they're still on pie with no beta programs, no dev programs and no ETA for android 10

    Asus has been pretty fast for Zenfones if you're wondering why they're slow it's just that Rog is an complex device to work on / develop for

    Once stable 10 drops Luca (LOS), micky (Omni) and other devs will develop for Rog 2 so even more options!

  • I can help you with the same. You can PM me the details.

  • U think I care about android 10 ??‍♂️.

    I only care about pubG lol that is why I brought this phone insted of op7t pro . All I need is the smoothest gameplay as much as possible .

    All I want is best performance that is why I asked updates as there will be impact on game performance also when the mobile is up to date .

    Lol are u really kidding me Telling those words about Apple ? . It's display may suck or maybe it's only 720 p , has low touch latency but that is better than dying in game cuz of lagg . iOS optimization is the best there is . Lol are u really trolling Apple ??

    Do u really know the meaning of gaming phone - best peak performance than any other phone that can produce for games . This is the real moto of gaming phone .

    As u said if it give same performance as op7t or huawei then what's the meaning of gaming phone they could have kept it just "phone".

    Look really if u understand the problem then comment . Pls don't comment false comments without playing games or having game experience . If u played like me for hours u would have understood the problem.

  • SRRY Anders_ASUS I can't play game now cuz exams have started till 24 th March .

    I would have been great help in ur ultimate step if I didn't had exams ? .

    I really do appreciate u guys for understanding our problems and taking this steps ??

  • You can PM me as well. I will help you with the details required.

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