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Looks like Android 11 preview has already been released. Yet there's no indication or update whatsoever regarding Android 10 for the Rog Phone 2. All we keep hearing is "it's around the corner"

This is a complete joke. Can't Asus just be honest & give us a truthful response rather than making us wait and lie to us ??



  • They think we are idiots. Also, they seem to be deleting our posts regarding the update. I have had many posts deleted by the Asus team . What is wrong with them ?

  • I recently purchased the p30 pro, it's not roughly the same price as the Rog II or slightly cheaper even. The battery life is insanely good on the p30 pro! I'm reaching almost 14 hours SOT with 3 days on the battery . It charges very quick too, 1 hour gets you from 0 to 100%. The camera's are excellent. The phone is fast. And it has android 10 too ? I'll probably sell my Rog II now. But I agree with you, the Rog II is such a beast, such a shame about the updates. The support is rubbish and the Asus team do nothing but lie to us, they obviously think we are dumb idiots to fall for their "around the corner" lies

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    Yeah and every godammn brand out there is running the android 11 developer preview shm ?

    Only the pixels have it rn

  • Hehehe, and still no response from ASUS team. They are liars and scammers.

  • Are we getting beta 8 ? Or is it going to be the stable version.

    There was a lot of performance drop with the beta 7 update tho.

  • Looks like they've released beta 8 today, check it out

  • Today as in today huh, and where are you talking about? India? beta 8? And why would you want a beta version instead of a fully released version. And agreed, they are taking way too long for the Android 10 update. But wouldn't you want it to be a better bug free update than a two months release where they churn out all beta updates rather than a bug filled mess of an update. And I hope they are bloody working on it.

  • Beta 8 is here check it out on YouTube. Search for Bobby Pratts, he has many videos on Rog phone 2.

    I don't want a beta dude, I want the official alpha ROM. Of course I would want a bug free ROM, but dude, android 10 was released LAST YEAR JUNE/JULY! SAME TIME AS THE ROG PHONE 2! it's been almost 8 months and there's no official android 10 yet???? If ASUS hadn't been so lazy and worked on Android 10 as soon as it was released, we would have had it months ago. But they are lazy and take us for idiots, making us spend loads on money on devices they don't care about

  • Very well said bro , no offense but I'm sick with people telling us that please wait for sometime get a bug free rom . There is no such rom which is perfect there will be and are bugs present every now and then , it would have been better if we get A10 with bugs and Asus fix it with regular updates I think it is more convenient for people running rog 2 on android 9. Ok fair enough they took time because they are making it more powerful , bug free n blah blah, what if the stable version is not yet as good as we are being told and even after spending a hell lot of time? Who is responsible then , I would seriously like to have a talk with people who are yet not realising that there is not as much to do as we are being portrayed , not a laptop or PC right? Guys it's a humble request idk weather you all agree to this or not whatever may be the reason but the fact is that everyone is excited about new updates as it comes with new features and enhances performance so please stick with us rather than covering them , as simple as that . #we want A10 now pleaseeeee

  • Android 11 is expected to be announced on May 12, 2020, and the final build will begin to roll out from October 2020. So new flagship phones are expected to have Android 11 in end 2020 or beginning of 2021.

    I've had to explain many times why ROG phone II is getting Android 10 after ZenFone 5z and ZenFone 6 and you can find my explanation here

    And in reply to

    We never delete anything that doesn't deserve to be deleted. All your posts about Android 10 were moved to the thread I linked to above because we were basically spammed with Android 10 threads so I was forced to clean up by merging all threads. You can find all your comments about Android 10 in your user profile

    Will Android 10 be bug free when you get it? No, absolutely not. You will most definitely find new bugs on the first day that we have missed because there are so many more user scenarios when we release to everybody. But we don't want to release something with a lot of bugs that we already knew about when new bugs will surface.

  • That's great however you haven't given us a date for the update !!!! You've released 8 BETAS, WHICH HAS NEVER HAPPENED WITH ANY PHONE MANUFACTURER BEFORE.... JUST GIVE US A DATE RATHER THAN LYING TO US TELLING US "IT'S AROUND THE CORNER"

  • Absolutely agree with you. I've been listen to the corner for more than 3 months now.

  • That's the thing guys, seeing how afraid these guys are from committing and giving an exact date and choosing to beat around the bush says a lot about the company and their work ethics. Don't get me wrong I know that mods can only do so much and for the most part have been kept in the dark themselves but a little transparency and honesty can go a long way.

  • If I tell you the date this can/will happen

    1. We deliver on the promised date with all important bugs fixed = You're happy, we're happy. Total happiness!
    2. We deliver on the promised date even though we have unfixed bugs = Total rampage. "At least you launched on the promised date" -said no one ever
    3. We tell you the date but have to postpone one or two times because we find new bugs = 1000% more posts asking about the promised update and everyone are more miserable compared to when I say "it's around the corner"

    When I said "around the corner" for the first time (which was about 1 month ago), this is what I believed and truly hoped but since then we've had to postpone three times because of new bugs that were important to fix.

    We're doing our best to bring you this update as fast as we can. We know how upset you are and we hate to disappoint you but we know that it's better to wait than to give you something that isn't finished. Another famous brand made that mistake and we don't want to go there.

  • @Anders_ASUS Ok take your time, but there should be a way to roughly track the process, for us. Be it Semi transparent too. Like there are tag on github repos mentioning wether build is failing, stagging or what. We can have vague number of active open Issues, number of fixed issues in last week, number of beta version released (info should available for non beta registered people too).

    I don't mean that you should completely go "open-source" like, that won't happen in this millennium I know.

    But the only way to make people understand the process of development,is to get them involved passively in it. Atleast they should have closer look at what exactly is happening behind the scenes.

    Because then only people will know the hardwork the development team puts in, and also developers know what people are more excited about during early development. ( Like you can always Track metrics like on which build or issue people are engaging the most, and actively discussing about).

    Its end to end process, we as community should work together towards everyone's good.

    Please give this a thought, @Anders_ASUS, I'm sure you will have even better ideas to implement this.

    Also GOD BLESS ANY PEOPLE FROM DEV TEAM WORKING FROM CHINA AND TAIWAN, and affected by Corona Virus. People are more important than software update.

  • Personally I am not upset, I know how complicated, monotonous and time consuming development, debugging and testing can be. All we're asking is for an update to this effect every once in a while aside from the usual canned responses. In any case I truly appreciate the sincerity. ASUS should hire more folks like you. Good job bud.

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