Bad game performance after .119 update (with video evidence)

mr.mikemartinsmr.mikemartins Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

I play the beta version of the game Sky - Children Of The Light and report all the bug and performance problems to the developers. I'm testing it since Android 9 to Android 10. The game was running amazingly well. Smoothly at 60 FPS, but after the last Android 10 update (.119) the game has a bad performance, with "interferences" on the screen and low FPS (even though the game is set to 60 fps)

I can only capture the problem filming it from another phone. If I use the native Android 10 screen recorder, the video shows the game running PERFECTLY, so I guess it's a display problem, and not an issue with the game itself. Important to mention that when the screen is being recorded, the fps is still low, but the interference on the screen is gone. When I stop the recording, the interference is back again.

I uploaded 2 videos. One filming from another phone and another using the native Android screen recorder. Notice how the game is shown running smoothly at 60 fps on the video recorded using the native recorder.


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