Camera bug

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It feels like half the time the default camera app will not work.

In reality it is the first time you press to take a picture it does not, instead it does a loading circle on the camera button and then nothing. The next time you try to take a picture it will do so normally, usually at least. It has happened at least once before that the loading no picture thing happened a few times in a row.

For reference the settings i use are 48MP, non wide angle, in "photo" mode


  • I have noticed you have to be careful how you hold the phone, so no part of any finger is on the touch screen by accident - that will make the camera app unresponsive.

    You can push all the buttons you want and nothing happens at all.

    The downside of bezelless displays.

  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
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    I can't replicate your issue in 48mp mode. But I will check with our camera team.

    You can try long pressing your camera app icon -> tap the app info symbol -> tap storage & memory -> Clear storage

  • That only helped for about a day then the problem came back. Clearing cashe manually every day is not really a desirable solution...

  • Same thing happening to me. Clearing the memory worked but it's only a short-term fix. I got this phone for the camera and I've missed a lot of good shots because of this bug.

  • Camera team just replied that they found somethings that could cause this issue for some users. It will be addressed in a future update

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