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Version WW-31.0210.0210.236 I have installed a new update and still volte vofii is not working I live in Turkey, my mobile line is TURKCELL. Please help I tried my line on another phone volte Xiaomi works rog 3 does not work 💣💣💣💣


  • Why is volte not working in other countries in the update? Volte update should come for Turkey. because volte is not working. dear admin please help solve the problem for all countries 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • *#*#4636#*#* i tried it doesn't work

  • Hello!

    I am sorry for the late reply, quick question, does your phone updates automatically? Or do you have to manually update it?

  • Why is it relevant? Its not like ASUS is going to add support to a country it never sold the phone.

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    Because the user might have gotten a hold of a Tencent edition, and since those are not supported I would recommend asking the reseller to get the money back.

  • What do you mean, of course he has a tencent version. The rog 3 never sold in turkey, the only way is by importing the phone to the country, hence there will never be VoLTE support ever for him, hence its irrelevant asking him if he can update or not, because ASUS won't bother contacting providers in countries they never sold the Rog 3 to begin with. It doesn't make any sense for a business to invest money and time to provide for handful of people who imported the phone in a country they never sold the phone in to begin with.

  • It's mostly because as a person I do care about people, not because the phone is not supported outside of the intended area, you can never be too sure if he maybe just bought an abroad phone who just doesn't work with another network, not necessarily a Tencent phone.

  • Global phones do not really get imported due to their really high pricetags. Regardless of phone however ASUS won't add compatibility with an operator because of a handful of people who import their phones. lets say for the sake of argument he purchased an expensive global phone somewhere and brought it home, it doesn't change the fact that ASUS will not add VoLTE to an operator where they didn't sell the phone in the first place. If ASUS cared to this extent then the Rog5 and 6 wouldnt be in the state they are currently in and the Rog3 would have a properly calibrated display from ASUS and not from 3rd party devs like me. It's better to break it to the user rather than giving the user hope for something that simply won't happen, in the end the dissapointment will only grow larger and the user will only lash out even further.

    This is something that has happened a ton in the past, mods said devs would look at something and over time, users got more and more angry, while out of nowhere "remembering" that a mod "promised" it would be fixed and lashed out a ton.

    If you're going to import a phone to your country, then always expect to support it yourself. I posted a link to a guide how to add VoLTE yourself as a user, that's the best shot everyone has that doesn't have VoLTE support out of the box.

    Personally my VoLTE didn't work and I'm on TDC which is supposedly supported by the Rog3, however it never got fixed, so I fixed it myself. So there are still a handful that should have legit VoLTE, however its broken for some, those you can focus on since they should have had it in the first place, not on users who imported a phone and demand it to work. This is very important for the devs to have a priority list that makes sense, ohterwise the devs will work on tons of different issues with low impact while the big ones are still out there. Right now they are probably way more busy trying to fix the Rog6, since even the Rog5 hasnt seen an update in 2.5months and is still in a bad state.

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