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Lost wifi calling after the a12 update. When will it be fix


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    its kinda weird because I didnt have wifi calling prior to A12 but got it afterwards.

    Maybe post your provider so they can figure out who has issues and who don't.

  • Are you still having issues? let me know here :)

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    I'm facing weird problem whenever VoWiFi is in use.


    I receive / dial a number thru my SIM over VoWiFi. The call gets connected. The person I'm talking to, is reporting choppy voice from my side.

    I disconnect the call.

    I DISCONNECT the WiFi to check whether I can have a flawless conversation with VoLTE.

    Attempting to dial any number results in CALL ENDED directly. This occurs on Google Phone, Asus Ohone6 and everything.

    Turns out, if someone has had VoWiFi in use and one wants to use NORMAL GSM call afterwards, one has to disable and enable the SIM manually from Network settings to make it work. Else, it'll show CALL ENDED.

    The call just won't connect! How cool is that?😶

  • Sounds like an issue caused by bad APN settings. Delete all your APN settings and then click on restore default.

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