kunai 3 gamepad work on the pc (win11)?

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Kunai 3 gamepad work on the pc (win11)?

I bought it from Amazon and it arrived today.

It works well when tested on mobile (android).

by the way

When connecting to asus rog z13 (both Bluetooth and usb)

Displayed in Device Manager.

But it doesn't really work.

and It's not even displayed in Armoury Crate.

Is it normal that it doesn't work on the pc?

Or is it a defective product?

Could you tell me how to playing gamepad on the pc (win11)?

Thank you for listening to me.

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    The ROG Kunai 3 is a device intended to be used with your ROG Phone and it not compatible with PC


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    In detail, here is the evolution of ROg PHONE accessories

    AeroActive Cooler 3, no improvement for the SOC 888 and 888+ which heats XXL compared to the previous SOCs, result without surprise, unable to cool

    Kunai Gamepad 3, the original Kunai Gamepad was PC compatible, the 3 is no longer PC compatible

    TwinView II and 3, outright deletion

    Professional Dock, out of stock for 11 months, had to be manufactured in 10 copies!!!

    Mobile Desktop Dock, outright removal

    It was the only accessory that allowed full PC keyboard key mapping in Armory Create

    Welcome to the club of gamers whose brains are now conditioned to read and listen to "Caution Forbidden" whether written or spoken ASUS

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    Oh my god

    Is it true?

    When I searched on Google, it said that I can use PC

    so I bought it...

    It's sad.

    Is it completely impossible to use it on the PC?

    Is there any way to make it available as a third-party program?

    I have many gamepads including Xbox,


    Bought this to build a Rog set with the Rog flow z13...

    I feel blue.

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