Any alternatives to fix a "dead" Zenfone 8?

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Hello. I have looked a bit around this place and would like to apologise in advance if this sort of thread is just an annoying repeat.

As stated on the title, my Zenfone 8 is just dead (or possibly a ramdump issue based on other user reports). Black screen, no bottom LED and no screen menu after pressing power and volume keys. The only thing that stood out is that the phone is detected when plugged into my computer, and it registers the power + volume key trying to reboot it. Still no such thing as fast booting screen from my end. I have tried the recommended steps to troubleshoot but to no avail. Now I am just trying to see if starving its battery would do something.

I bought this phone back in January 2022, but according to the labelling, the MFD is 2021.04. The latest firmware is Android 12 / WW-31.1010.0410.61.

This might be a pointless question by now, but are there any alternatives to troubleshoot this without having to send it just to have the internals replaced? Something like provided firmware fix?

I genuinely enjoy using this phone, but I don't like that the "viable" solution nowadays is to completely replace the hardware/device.


  • AnnhanAnnhan Level 1

    Just a quick follow-up. Because the phone is on a reboot loop with no way to stop it other than letting the battery run until it's dry, it's getting increasingly hotter. Yikes.

  • Dear Annhan 

    We are sorry to hear about your device, for what you are describing our recommendation is to visit the nearest ASUS Service Center at your earliest convenience to get your device check.

    Besides, we have sent a direction message to you. Could you provide us with the product serial number through direct message?

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    Sounds like what happened to my phone, after it received the newest security update and it rebooted. Mine died completely. I have sent it back to the place I bought it from, who sent it to Asus. Asus said after extensive testing what I dreaded: my phone was dead. They couldn't restart it either.

    So Friday a brand new ZenFone 8 was sent to me, a 16GB version even (mine was an 8GB version). I've been setting it up since Saturday and only started using it tonight. Fingers crossed when that update went on, it worked this time. 😁

  • AnnhanAnnhan Level 1

    That's really an unfortunate result. I fear that it my unit may share the same fate, but I am yet to RMA it.

    Nice to hear that you were sent a replacement with more memory. Best to be cautious and keep it backed up!

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