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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus rog phone 5 12gb ram 256gb
  2. Firmware Version: Last Version
  3. Rooted or not:Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: before i dont have this but in One mount i have every day this
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):Call Of duty Mobile last version

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.

======================================== Evry time start for block and the proccesor go at 80 97% when i fight whit other players and the display Freez and some time make stronge sound !



  • Please help me 😟

  • I am having the same issues but in Multiplayer, I believe it's either the new codm season isn't optimised properly for Rog 5 or it's Thermal Throttling caused by the increased load on the phone after all the HD graphics and HD audio added to the game this season.

    Report the issue to codm via Bug Report.

    For BR try this,

    1) Don't turn on X Mode and reduce the screen refresh rate to 60hz. Since BR max FPS is 60.

    2) Buy a Fan cooler , your temperature is at 49 Degrees, your phone is definitely Thermal Throttling.

    Buy Black Shark Pro Magnetic cooler. It works better than Rog Cooler, unless you play MP competitive and want the X Mode plus activated.

    My experience so far is if the temperature goes beyond 36 Degrees, you start getting micro screen stutters and Frame drops etc because of Thermal throttling.

    3) Set up a Scenario Profile for the game in Armoury crate, Touch Sampling to Max , Performance Mode to 2 or even 1 for BR,

    Graphics Boost to Balance, Set Refresh rate to 60 Hz for BR, Visual Enhancement off.

    Network connectivity turn off Data and other dual WiFi options.

    In Game reduce your graphic settings.

    Overall aim is to reduce the Load on the phone so it doesn't get hot too fast.

    MP is unplayable but BR can be managed using the above method.

    P.S. My personal advice wait for the next update if the issue isn't fixed, return the device and buy something which hasn't got SD 888, like Black shark 4.

    Thermal throttling will just get worse and your device wouldn't even last a year.

    Rog 5 poor heat dissipation has ruined such a beautiful device. Sigh!

  • Yes this phone is like Died ! 😔 I can't return the phone because is pass already 6 7 months I think and I don't have more the paper 😔! The First 3 months was amazing how was work I dont have no problem just about the overheating after 3 5 match but now is not possible play is overheating in 5 minutes! I try make everything down of the x mode and whit out x mode I make also profile but nothing the processor is going at 80 90 % and also the GPU and start for freezing at evry match!

  • Kind of Sucks.

    Sadly I couldn't find any other solutions.

    Rog doesn't even bother replying.

    At this point I am downgrading to Snapdragon 870 as all the SD 888 phones overheat and will potentially develop issues.

    I have always played with a Fan attached, never charged and played at the same time , as I was aware of this issue.

    But my device still packed up after 8 months.

    For now buying a gaming phone is a gamble.

    Black Shark is good but has only 2 trigger buttons.

    Red Magic apparently still has its software issues.

    Next Year the new chip will have even more heating issue.

    Xiaomi announced a new cooling technology if they put it in Black Shark's next model then it's worth a try.

    Any how good luck.

  • In accordance with your reasoning, the 888 has reached technological limits, the w dissipated is too large to maintain an acceptable temperature without active cooling.

    Putting an internal fan is not great for life, it is the element that will be the first source of failure and the imbecility of not being able to easily remove the phone to access the battery and internal elements. not help to change the fan.

    We have to wait a bit to see the heating of the next generation of Soc, the reduction in the engraving should allow the temperature to drop if he does not try to increase the frequency.

    The covid to revive tablet manufacturing, a 7 or 8 "screen is ideal for gaming and heat dissipation is facilitated by a larger surface area available, but for the moment no special gamer tablet is announced, that would be a real treat if a manufacturer were inspired by the late Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

  • @FunBike31 Can I Please ask a question regarding Thermal Throttling?

    My phone started facing thermal throttling issues about a month ago.

    Now thermal throttling kicks in even if the temperature is at 36 C.

    Am I correct in assuming that the phone has reached its useful life and I should write it off or is there a way round it ?

    The only temporary solution I have noticed is to use a stronger fan ,Black Shark Magnetic cooler to delay the time the phone reaches 36 °C and starts throttling.

    But that's not sustainable.

  • Is not possible pay 1000€ and after 3 4 months don't work more ! :(

  • You can increase your thermal limit to high to prevent that to happen

  • he does not specify that it is in the games, or will he do that

    the thermal limit of the system, memory is 48 °

  • @Lord_Messi


    The issue is during playing games and I have set the Thermal limit to Max through the Armoury crate for the game's Scenario profile.

    Please let me know if I am doing it wrong or there is another way to do it.

    The Real time info, option shows the ambient temperature of 36 to 38°C but when I check the CPU and GPU Temperature through AIDA the average temperature is around 51°.

    Am I correct in assuming that this temperature should be below 48°C to prevent the throttling when thermal limit is set to Max.

    Thank you

  • Then service center is your best friend for now

    I am sure they will try to reflash your phone and if it still happen they will change your motherboard

  • Lags on Rog 5 is only due to thermal throttling as on Rog 3 there is no such issues

  • Yes, but normally this limit is that of the battery or of the system, not of the cpu, I have no slowing down when the display of AC is 36 °, and also corresponds to the AIDA64 temperature of the battery.

    On the other hand, in August (summer) when our ambient temperature is those that you currently have in India which must be close to 30 ° indeed, it was impossible to play heavy games without the BS4 cooler otherwise the temperature in AC was greater than 48 °.

    For the moment everything is fine but our ambient temperature is 19-20 ° inside, ~ 11 ° outside.

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    Look my settings

  • This I have evry time. Temperature about 40 °42 ° Frame drops!

  • Yes but you must pay for something what is not your fault ! This is the problem of company!

  • @SuperMario

    Try this if it changes anything.You need a Fan to use any setting on level 3. Presumably you are not using any Phone case or cover either which might restrict heat dissipation.

    Or you have the following settings menu too , which I have no clue about.

    Accessed via ADVANCED and then clicking on the Settings button.

  • @SuperMario

    Lower your Refresh Rate to 60Hz.

    BR only runs on 60FPS max.

    Turn off visual enhancement too.

    At this point an Atari Console would run the game better than Rog 5.

    This phone is a fking joke. I wouldn't buy any thing Asus in future.

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