Android 11 update for ROG PHONE 2.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus Rog phone 2
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Its been many months since you guys told android 11 for ROG 2 is under evaluation. is it still under evaluation or you guys are planning to keep saying the same "under evaluation" status till the end of support for ROG 2?



  • These are same lines said for every other flagship from ASUS who's support is going to end or already ended...!

    It is indirect way of clearly saying No..!

    I have seen this since 2016 with every other Zenfone.

    But here i really think this is high time and ASUS should really take every smartphone and markets seriously and push themselves to possibly make it happen if they wanna go head to head with every other competitor's out there.


  • Hey,

    For now, there is no recent update about Android 11. If there is any I will update here.

  • I hate to break it to you but have you been in the rog5 and zenphone 8 forums? The phones are literally killing the wifichip and seemingly the storage chip respectively. They have major things to solve before even thinking about the Rog2 right now.

  • Why should one worry about that? So you have to look out for company's entire portfolio just to hope that your product gets support? This is not how it works.

    You buy something, you care and worry about only that thing, its company's job to prioritise and allocate resources in such way one product doesn't affect the other.

    Did apple stop supporting other devices during bend gate? Did samsung went cold on other phones when Note 9 started exploding? That's not how business work, and sadly if asus is working that way, then its terrible for business continuity.

  • But sadly ASUS is working that way

    The won't care about old device like ROG 2 and instead focus to fix their problem at newer phone

  • Oh yeah lets focus on updagin software on an outdated phone and ignore the new ones that have literal catastropic failures. Seems like a braniac move to me.

    Correct, they prioritized that fixing new phones that destroy themselves is more important than an android update for an old model.

    Yes they did even denied people extended warranty, not to mention still have that nice defect where the CPU gets a nice 50+ volts killing of the entire thing.

    It's the note 7 and yes, they completely recalled their note 7 series and cancelled it completely instead working on a new phone, they didnt fix it but dropped it instead.

    We all now know you should not be leading a business.

  • But I know you should not be talking on behalf of others.

  • A month back or so the moderators were saying "ANDROID 11 FOR ROG 2 IS UNDER EVALUATION"

    i want to know what happened to that under evaluation status? Is it evaluated and not passed or is it still under evaluation? How can they just forget about the evaluation? I just don't get it.. is it a lie?

  • From what I'm seeing, the ROG 1 only got 1 major update. The ROG 2 is now in it's 2nd year, only getting 1 major update, and that second year is technically the time where you don't have to support the device, just like the ROG 1, which really bothers me.

    The ROG 3 just barely got A11, and judging by this small pattern, tis only 1 major update for all. Though I've heard about somebody mentioning Google requires at least 2 major software updates, otherwise they'd get fined, but I seem to can't find the source.

    However, I'm guessing it's because they focus more on the ZenFone lineup, but I mean, Samsung and their multitude of devices from their A and S lineup are being supported. I don't think their mobile division team is huge, but I really wish if they're gonna do mobile phones, they better give it some better support. If they're gonna go for huge numbers, specs, battery, storage, they better give it a huge amount of support.

  • Yes, the thing that really makes me angry is I paid more for Rog 2 which was more than asus 6z at the time of launch.i thought It will get more updates but it's the reverse, asus 6z got android 11 but here we are rog 2 being the costly phone and premium lineup just one update and that's it.

  • Thats why i didn't buy another asus phone. I have ROG2 but the next will not be asus.

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    see no reply at all. yes, no, nothing.

  • Hey there. i saw that i posted the comment yesterday. I saw that that android 11 post today no prob. Anyways thanks for the decision to give Android 11 update for ROG 2 users.

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    Why to miss out on Zenfone 5z ??? as a flagship i started thread for it on 3 years of support for every flagship staring from Zenfone 5z.??

    This is sad :( @CH_ASUS

    But happy for ROG users :)

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    Thank you and the rest of the team in making the decision to allow us to upgrade to Android 11.

  • We should be glad that ROG2 users have an opportunity to go to A11.

    Of course a wonderful world the day every device can get every update..but I do think we delivered quite well on Zenfone 5Z generation.

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    I just started using my ROG 2 again as my gaming device with multi-sim service and now these great news of Android 11 coming to the device. Thanks for supporting this older model too. I was quite jealous to my wife which has A11 in her Zenfone 6 already lol.

  • As Zenfone 5z was a Flagship we were always told by officials that to stay tuned for any of the below mentioned features but we never got those

    1- No VoWIFI/volte for many basic networks.

    2- No Amazon prime HD

    3- No camera optimisations even after many complains

    Few more important bugs still exists as those are harmful for the system which needs to be addressed even i have alredy creted threads for that but no response from ASUS

    So we were expecting some support extenstions atleast flagship should be justifiable i have no complains with support 5z got for months or years but what all matters is what is always included with every update and guess what Zenfone 5z have always got only Bug fixes and nothing new as features where added after its 1 year journey then how can we say that Zenfone 5z got quite well support...?

    We atleast expected Zenui 7 but nor Zenfone 5Z got Zenui 7 nor Android 11. To coverup all those missing above important features :( as well as looking at the competators we dont want ASUS to lack behind @CH_ASUS @Titan_ASUS the reason i started threads was that ASUS should listen but here it seems Zenfone 5z was not always a priority to Asus after its 1 year of journey and so asus always only focused on bug fixes and security patches for Zenfone 5z that is the reason i am speaking out louder. I know its almost 3 years now for Zenfone 5z and expecting more is nt acceptable but ASUS should focus for featuristic updates rather than only bug fixes and security patches which Zenfone 5z never got i hope Asus will improve on this in future.

    And sad journey for Zenfone 5z ends here with unsatisfactory expectations .... :(

    Sorry to hijack ROG 2 thread for Zenfone 5z.

    Thankyou for valuable feedback...!! @Karen_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @Irene2_ASUS @fussion_ASUS

  • Any ETA when the Android 11 beta for ROG 2 will release?

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