Wifi & Wifi-Hotspot Not Working



  • Do you have a source on this?

    All I have seen so far are worthless posts from users who post on reddit. To me it sounds like the hardware is fine, but the kernel might have messed up qcom wifi drivers. That being said, it might also be another Xiaomi mi 11 ultra wifi fiasco where the hardware is indeed just dying.

  • They dont even check bro., this arp_asus collected logs from my device and i did all that as soon as i could and after 3-4 days he asked me what was my issue,he didnt even remmbr the issue and its such a big post n so many users affected by it.

    worst service by asus , sadly rog was creating a market for itself , i was looking forward to buy the rog 6 also when it launched n also was looking at rog laptops,but now never in my life m gona buy their product. Will hv to use a repaired phone within 1 month of use ,because of no fault of my own.and these guys donot have the decency to even accept or just let us know.they dont care for the mental agony we are going through.SAY NO TO ROG.

  • Guys any updates on this issue 🥺

  • They need to update their firmware ASAP and not just focus to create another bugs with rog phone 5s name

  • Guys , i talked to a higher official at rog 5 helpline , they guarantee that the same wifi problem will not occur again since , the motherboard replacement which they are putting in is somewhat changed,also he said that this issue occured due to software but now can only be corrected by motherboard replacement. Thats what he said ,n he also said that he understands that this problem occured due to their error and apologised. Moreover , they said they ll arrange a conference call with the service center guys to assure me n explain me why this problem wont happen again .

  • If they are admitting that it's a hardware fault due to their fabrication unit then it should be done via official press release. Moreover users are still facing wifi issue even after replacing the motherboard because they might have older motherboard in stock and they want to do experiment with devices which are already in use by end users. It's not their lab/test devices on which they will do workarounds and find the resolution.

  • Could you please share the name and contact details of that person from leadership team ?

  • They said ,the problem was caused by software bug but now only resolution was motherboard replacement.i didnt catch his name,he was a guy on customer care only whom i reached after a couple of transfers.but i was satisfied he apologised n even assured me that it wont recur.

  • I don't believe in his apologies. Multiple users reported that even after motherboard replacement, they faced same issue after 1-2 week. Might be older stocked motherboard has been replaced for those users. I'm not at all support to open and repair devices multiple times. They are treating it as lab devices.

  • Sure they are, all this testing should be done before hand.i am never gona guy asus again.

  • Yes, not one user will go for Asus after this kind of experience that too with flagship device and no support from Asus. At least they should have courage to accept the fault and rectify it. Instead they will trouble users.

  • This not how a brand works why are you guys not testing updated before releasing it to customers. This is stupid wifi is not working any more basically I just have a phone and can't browse or play games. Release an update guys.

  • I submitted my ROG Phone 5 to the service center today. Firstly, I have to wait outside the service centre for an hour. They are not even aware of this issue. They told me they will check what happened and let me know. I don't understand what is the use of mentioning it as a premium phone.

  • Even after dropping multiple direct tweets to Dinesh Sharma, it seems they closed their eyes and ear to not see and hear anything from users. Asus motto is "Let user suffer and continue to print money by selling manufacturing defective products"

  • Could you guys please help here. Drop direct tweets to @sharmadinesh and write about this issue. Let's see how many tweets they can ignore.

  • The problem on Xiaomi Mi 11 is identical to that of ASUS, no more wifi or access point. As the platform is very close, there is a good chance that the cause is the same.

    Xiaomi has only just communicated (August 6) for this problem which dates from December 2020 / January 2021 and offers several satisfactory solutions (refund, exchange with warranty as new and even for users who have not yet had the problem), will hope that ASUS do the same but faster, lol, 8 months it's been a long time, especially here given the messages on Independence Day.

  • Besides that they must also fix this phone heat problem

    This phone is very hot even when I use it for daily

    Cmon man you will release rog phone 5s with heater chipset but same useless cooling system

    Your cooling system is the worst compare to other gaming smartphone

  • Any one know about next software update any beta users here?

  • They won't release it soon

    They still busy with another bug with the name of rog phone 5s

    FYI rog phone 5s produce more heat than rog phone 5. You can check it's review video at youtube

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