Zenfone 8 new camera sensor

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Zenfone 8 rumored to have a new Sony IMX663 camera sensor? I can't help but feel a little dissapointed that the zenfone 8 gets new update while the rog5 just has the same as previous gens. That being said, the naming is quite interesting to say the least, it seems this is going to be an ultrawide 12.2mp lens which may sport a larger sensor size given the naming history. That would be a huge upgrade, having a good quality ultrawide would be quite awesome as typically the ultrawides found on most phones are quite medicore to say the least.


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    Zenfone 8 mini is rumoured to come with imx 663 (possibly new sensor) unless it's an typo and they meant 363 lol

    Anyways Zenfone mini leaks say imx 686 + imx 663 (could be flip or punch hole setup) I think the latter as there's an specific model named as "Zenfone Flip" this year

    Zenfone 8 Mini,8 pro and Zenfone Flip

    Rog has the same imx 686 + omnivision wide + omnivision macro

    They probably do that on purpose

    1. Rog is a line-up where camera isn't prioritised

    2. Probably to segregate their lineups like Zenfone has a better camera setup/algorithm compared to Rog

    And to possibly save some costs on Rog

  • Zenfone 7 too used the imx 363 as an ultra wide it's an pretty good sensor

  • The sensor is a brand new 663 sensor. It hasnt been released yet. Hence im kinda excited about it.

  • Yeah imx 363 on zf7 was pretty good 663 if it exists might be even better

    This year's Zenfone line-up is looking pretty good

  • Sony IMX 663 is rumoured in news and What better the 12.2 MP does is what we see them in Flagships like iPhone , Samsung S20 FE and Huwaei Phones all using 12MP giving better shots than 108MP and 64MP.

    With New IMX name, something's are improved with old sensors.

    For Example-

    64MP Sony IMX 682 vs Sony IMX 686 There are some adavntages to IMX 686.

    OnePlus 9 Pro uses Sony IMX 789 sensor which is 48MP which is better version of Sony IMX 689 48MP. Can You Imagine how much improvements 48MP Sony IMX 482 has gone to become 48MP Sony IMX 789.

    In the end, what matters is natural photos and clarity in shots. No sharpness, no blurriness, Clear Zoomed Photos, Good Dynamic Range and All Details are made visible in a photo are most important whether it is 12MP or 10MP or 50MP or 108MP or 151MP or 200MP.

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