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    Here is a couple more questions answered for your pleasure:

    Features in CN and not in WW - such as fingerprint animation

    When you unlock a phone, why do you want such animations. Surely you would want to use your phone straight away. Or do you wish to see something for 5 seconds (like a flower growing) and then people complain it about being slow.

    AOD - in my mind, it's a waste of battery. Something that many people have complained and they are wondering why they are running out of battery quickly.

    Features in ROG that's not in other devices

    Configuration of your performance in Armoury Crate? Aura Lighting? Game Genie? The ability to stop apps from running in the background which is not the same as sleeping like you have in Samsung.

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    You are missing the point here if cn has why not WW version? How fingerprint animation related to slowing down if it takes same time as current animation .

    AOD - As a OEM they have to provide and its users opinion whether to use or not .

    People who bought rog are not only gamers ,they also liked other aspects of the phone. Atlast everything comes under customer satisfaction ,as a OEM if you are pricing at premium range you should cover that ground .

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    What is wrong with the current animation of the fingerprint reader then?

    When you said OEM have to provide AOD? It is a required feature on all phones right? My point in my previous post still stands though, waste of battery, serves no purpose whatsoever, but that is me.

    Do not get me wrong, I understand the need of customizations, but the bit on premium phones I kind of disagree with what you are saying that OEM has to cover that ground. I think here there is a cultural misunderstanding. Top notch spec and decent software. Some of you may disagree on the latter, but that comes down to preference at the end of day. The performance seems to be fine for majority of ROG users (including everyone outside of Zentalk)

    Customizations you still have the ROG live wallpaper, Aura Lighting. There will be never too much to put on the phone, but it does affect your battery and performance one way or another.

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    Let me correct you Top notch hardware "but with flaws" (just because you got a nice handset doesn't mean we are lying about hardware problems) and descent "poorly supported" software.

    I don't know if you are living in 2000's but the need of better software support makes a company grow. Take Samsung and OnePlus for example. They have substantial better growth not due to hardware but also due to consistentancy of software updates.

    Please don't reply or create a debate further regarding this. I mean there was a time where mobile developers used to never update there Android OS and I'm definitely sure you must adore that time.

    I'm a general consumer who will never root phone because I don't want any complexities using the device and not the geeky one like you. But still need the latest software atleast for 2 years and present devices like Rog 5 for atleast 3 years.

    I was a Asus user since zenfone 2 followed by zenfone 3 and then RoG 2. I brought zenfone 3 just because of clutter free experience of ZenUI 3 of zenfone 3.

    For me I'm so done with Asus now until they have better software support strategy as only hardware doesn't make a device appealing.

    And for Asus just read each comment line by line here and just like realise how much you have been humiliated by the members of Zentalk and better make sure you give less chance to be humiliated this much from this current moment.

    Only some, (whome am I kidding) "Quite literally one" Asus fanboy is trying to convince everyone that poor software updates from your side is acceptable.

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    And for me customisation is not a big deal. As a matter of fact my home screen looks the same from day 1. But it matters to some so having customisation options to the extent where it doesn't affects the battery is truly required.

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    I presume the "flaws" you are talking about is the restart issue. There has been a number of posts/responses to visit service centre. The thing is, people do not listen because they are getting charged for it. Again, I already said as a consumer is to be clever and ask questions.

    As for customizations, that is up to the company itself. The fact that people are complaining about battery life and also not enough features kind of conflict with each other. The way to keep that performance is to be clutter free.

    I am a consumer too, therefore ASUS should take into my consideration too :)

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    "Only some, (whome am I kidding) "Quite literally one" Asus fanboy is trying to convince everyone that poor software updates from your side is acceptable."

    I don't mind if you called me out - at least I am talking on behalf of the million people who are not on Zentalk who do not have issues.

  • If a phone that is one and a half year old gets hardware issues.. Isn't that asus's fault for using substandard materials to make the phone?

    Considering there are alot of people facing this issue

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    "Flaws" incorporate everything from squishy buttons, some faulty batteries, some faulty motherboards to some faulty displays.

    A million... It's Asus we are talking... You really believe that.

    And you are not talking for anybody instead for yourself. People who are not on Zentalk and still having problems majorly contact the service center and trusted source like reddit or XDA forums not scroll threads on Zentalk.

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    Not neccessarily. Depends on how that damage was done in the first place. Despite consumers claiming was not damaged intentionally, it can also be done accidently. That is why I said you can be clever and ask questions to the service centre and see how they arrive to that conclusion that you need to be charged within warranty. Outside warranty? That's at discretion of service centre then.

    As per ASUS's warranty policy, it states the following:

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    // Can be deleted.

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    // Sorry my other post didn't make sense so I decided to start again.

    So my question to you @Vamp , did your phone work when you first switched the phone on to the day when your warranty ran out? If yes and you face the issues now, you should go to the service centre and let them know and work something out amongst yourself. Legally, the company is no longer liable and therefore it's out of warranty. Any form of engineering has a limit on warranties - you see that everywhere, not just ASUS. If any issues would of appeared, it would of appeared on the first few days, not a few months.

    If the phone wasn't working within the year the phone was in warranty, then you should of took it to a service centre while in warranty. Who's fault is that though

    Those people who are going to service centres to get hardware related repairs are the ones who are smart enough to do that in the first place.

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    I got my first RoG and it didn't turned on matter what. I didn't complain because I can get replacement easily at that time.

    When I got squishy buttons I claimed it under warranty. What's I got back after 12 days is my device with 7 remarkably huge scratches on the back, 1 visible scratch on the display and busted copper grill on the back but it was my fault that due to limited functioning of the Asus service center I didn't checked for any of that, I didn't complain.

    I've used Zenfone 2, it died of random restarts and it had already 2 motherboard replaced, my zenfone 3 die due to random restarts and already had a motherboard replaced, Same thing is going on with the RoG. So it's a thing that is inherent in the Asus itself that there device dies of motherboard/software combination.

    I didn't replaced motherboard on my RoG because it doesn't worth it having in the service center for atleast 10-15 days (and since I'm a college student I don't have luxury to have a secondary device) and eventually having the device die in next 6-8 months.

    I don't know for how long you have been a Asus user but I am a Asus user since 2015 and at that time I was also a Zentalk user. I mean I used to collect points for first log in at Taiwan midnight time on the older Zentalk.

    And still at that time users have these problems. This ain't new to Asus.

    It's not my fault that all of my device died of random restarts but it's my fault to buy a device again from Asus knowing they have poor software support and flawed hardware thinking this time it was gonna be different.

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    "I didn't replaced motherboard on my RoG because it doesn't worth it having in the service center for atleast 10-15 days (and since I'm a college student I don't have luxury to have a secondary device) and eventually having the device die in next 6-8 months."

    Well, you can't blame ASUS for that because you didn't want to go to Service Centre because it takes so long in a pandemic. i think you have answered your own post there.

    Everyone reporting this issue, more like the same people have too much time on their hands in creating new accounts so it makes the issue more serious. But matter of fact, I won't be surprised some of you have 3 - 5 accounts on Zentalk.

    Take a read at the warranty document if you have any other questions:

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    Have you read the first half... Dude there is history and people are still having problems after motherboard replacement and I for sure had problems in past so no motherboard replacement.

    Second of all why the f do you keep coming back to warranty. I know what's there, as a matter of fact they didn't change there warranty since a while.

    I didn't replace motherboard didn't mean it's motherboard problem because I only get restarts while using snapchat and YouTube.

    Also I'm definitely sure that motherboard problem won't change my wallpaper, system wide dark mode and boot into safe mode or boot screen saying can't load android system, go into airplane mode and won't scan for network after turning off airplane mode but after a restart it will have network again, all at ones.

    I've sent log to the mod but it's really hard to reproduce while logging so log is gonna be useless unless there is a way to find the dump file.

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    There are also history of people who had their restart/other problem fixed by going to the service centre. The point I am trying to make is if you do not go to the service centre, you will never get your issue investigated.

    I am bringing up warranty, because this is about warranty. Anything to do with hardware repairs is warranty.

    By the way, I am picking things that are relevant. In this case, ROG 2. I had my phone for 1 year and 3 months now and havent faced the restart issues people are facing but I will wait for what you say to see if my phone dies. I do try to replicate issues and as example from Scorpion666 (probably someone I know :') in the past discussion) brought up, the Discord issue. But this doesnt happen on mods devices. So you need to understand it is difficult to fix issues if you cannot find the problem first (so you cannot really expect things to be fixed quickly). Like I have said though, phone restart is a sympton of another issue and your phone saying cannot load Android system (corrupt) is a sympton from restarts of the phone.

  • I want the phone to work as a phone. Had 1st one & now the 2nd one. Neither getting regular updates, it is a $1000 phone, I'd expect support for 3-5 years given its brand & reputation. Also would expect Volte & vowifi in the U.S. for at&t. While t-mobile has gained partial support. The phone really doesn't support many operating bands. They might as well stop marketing everywhere if they're going to jump ship on support when they release a new one. Not buying a phone that isn't adequately supported for the price. Other brands selling at lower prices with much longer support.

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    3-5 year is a long shot for any smartphone manufacturer except Apple, manufacturer like Google, OnePlus and Samsung provide 3, 3 and 4 years of support respectively. In case of samsung after 2 or 3 years updates become 2 per year.

    Asus can't handle adequate 2 years support and as per mods responses these days, any Asus device will get update whenever they feel like updating.

    I totally agree with 0 rating for RoG II when it comes for updates by android police unluckily they released it after I brought my device.

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    Really? @ronald1985

    Nobody cares what you like or not, everybody has their opinion and choices.

    And that's it, give us a option and those who don't care won't touch it and those who do will use it. That's the very definition of customisation.

    Someone defending brand for not having well thought-out features and half baked implementation, by criticizing the features itself is proof how you are ignoring the fact and blaming people who are asking "at least make existing stuff worth the use" !

    Literally every brand does AoD, and by asus's and your logic, a small phoey brand, thinks It's not worth it because takes out battery?🙏

    Then don't even use notification led, Aura led, and triggers they suck battery too. Turn off all the haptics, it is also a waste. RiP logic!🙏

    "Why do you want to see fingerprint animation"?

    Because its my phone, I paid some hefty money and I expect asus to implement this small feature, that any 3rd grade manufacturer does.

    Whats wrong with stock animation? Man its not even original asus's. Its just OEM Qualcomm's factory animation, was released for demo in gen 1 fingerprint sensors. And you tell me does this look good on so called best gaming phone?

    Don't give us customisations, but atleast throw in a original / stock Rog based animation itself?

    Also non of what you said explains why those all features are available in CN rom of the same phone and not Ww. How hard it is? Just a branch merge and little bit conflict resolution (if any) in source.

    "The ability to stop apps from running in the background": literally? This is unique to rog?

    Miui does this since ages, so does color os, and samsung has option to completely kill app automatically.

    And sleeping apps is way better for some types of apps, that depend on GCM service. Ever heard of doze, greenify, naptime?

    Btw asus's background management sucks, try installing skype and outlook you won't get push notifications of new mails and message or calls 3/10 times.

    You have to manually change auto start, battery optimization, optiflex etc for them work properly.

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    "Motorola’s Moto G8 and G8 Power are getting their Android 11 stable updates"

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