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  1. Model Name: Kunai-3-gamepad


Hello everyone, I have a question I am trying to find online however didn't manage to get a specific answer.

Does the Kunai 3 works well with any game ? does it also works with other apps of the phone ?

Thanks in advance!


  • The key mapping feature is able to detect games when you launch them via the Game Genie, even on emulators. So far it works well. However it doesn't show up in non-gaming apps though. The only gripe that we have is that there is no proper 8-direction support on the direction pad, which is heavily needed on fighting games. Some games detects it only if you press the two directions like really hard which is not feasible. We have highlighted this to the mods here however we're not sure if their developers would consider implementing this basic feature. Besides the Kunai (which is the only compatible gamepad due to the USB-C port placement), the Dualshock 4 works well as the key mapping feature mentioned earlier is compatible

  • I see, first of all thank you for your answer!

    Any idea if this will work with games like Injustice / call of duty / raid:shadow legends / League of Legends aka wild rift ?

    This are the main games I aim to play, and wonder if they will work well with the gamepad.

  • Am not sure with Injustice though as am not sure how to map a swipe command on the gamepad, just don't know how to do it and whether or not it can be done. If the game has on screen buttons, then this gamepad will work well

    To be frank, the Kunai 3 Gamepad is nice to have and is almost perfect for me if it was for the lack of 8 direction support on the direction pad, but if cost is determining factor, then i would suggest you connect with whatever console controller that you have and get a clip to hook it up together. Or look for other third party controllers (i have seen several reviewers use third party controllers that works well with the ROG 3 hence my recommendation). It's just a bit too pricey for me to flat out recommend it

  • Well it seems enough for what I will need, so did order it, for a nice price as well.

    Thanks for the tips!

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