Unlock bootloader on android 9 beta

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I was curious that is this possible to unlock the bootloader on the Asus Zenfone Max plus m1 with the Android 9 beta version?

Is this going to crash on a Beta version of Android or it would be okay?


  • Hi mohamadh.t 

    Thank you for your asking. I just checked on ASUS ZB570TL official website and we do not provide official unlock tool for this model. It will be risky, which may brick or crush the device, to perform unofficial unlock tool.

  • Thanks for answering, I know the risks and I've read about it. But I really wanna know is the boatloader is the same system for Android 9 beta version, like Android 8.1 or not?

  • e,g. Please avoid to practice the Unlock boot loader which is designed for Android 9 in a device on Android 8. First, normally the software will have the foolproof design, which can prevent users to force install. Even a power user can manage to force install the Unlock boot loader of X Android version to the device on Y Android version, the process will put the device under high risk.

  • So you are saying i can install an unlock bootloader on my device which has Android 9 beta version, but it may have some risks, right?

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