Black Crush explained ( Rog3 / OP 8 )



  • It's (lenovo leigon) launching in india soon buddy! I am 100% sure that, it doesn't have display problem like Asus Rog 3, and talking about UI, it's good! There is no single problem with that!!!

  • You cant be sure until n uless device is in user hands,praise on paper are always good to watch n acceptable thats all marketing strategy so dont be so early to predict... No device is perfect and looking aside its a gaming smartphone which is Lenovo's first so m damn sure it will not be better than any ROG lenovo sucks at hardware and also software is meh....!

  • Lets see! Who will be better and who will be a real game changer! We users are compromise with other things but not with the display! I like to wait for legion! Lets see who will win!!!!

  • Tag pixelworks on twitte, they need to hear more about their shitty job with the roh phone 3

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    While you're at it also tag them for the same shitty job on the OP8 pro.

    And you need to stop daydreaming and crying. The lenovo is a major stepdown in many ways compared to the rog3. If you look alone at the camera software it already shows you some seriously barebones programming right there, the software on the lenovo is more than likely going to be rather mediocre at best.

  • Let's wait for lenovo legion, we are not crying..we are frustrated with it, yes you might be cry once legion enter in the market - Rog3 blind lover boy!!!!

  • You don't see many reviews about legion because people hardly bought it lol (it was launched a while ago)

    And I'm pretty sure like all new 2020 phones that has display related complains too

    Asus rog still remains the king of mobile gaming market and I don't see any competitor who has the ability to dethrone them right now

    Plus there's gonna be a Asus Qualcomm gaming phone (yes right the silicon maker choose Asus to be it's partner) and Rog 4 next year so yeah it's looking good for rog phone series right now

  • Legion not yet launch in India! I agreed Asus is good enough and better than lenovo at some aspects in terms of UI, but I want to see whose going to manage better and who will be the ultimate game changer! Legion also be a good phone, in the straight comparison with Rog3, it found that the most of the aspects, clear winner is legion! Not sure about the display problem (even not found) in legion but still waiting for its launch here in india! For now, yes Asus is on the top, because no gaming phones yet in the indian market! But I am sure lenovo legion can change the game!

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    Hm all I'm saying is that legion has a way worse looking ui and inferior software support

    No development on any front on legion(Asus sent devices to developers)

    Yes that phone is value for money in "some regions" but again Rog is better imo

    The thing with Rog isn't just geared for gamers,power users would appreciate this device as much

    Big battery,big display,4 mics, decent cameras,best in class speakers, stock+ui with rog additions, development (roms,gcam and kernels) there's a little something for everyone :)

    Btw india does have other gaming phones including Xiaomi black shark,Nubia red magic and vivo iqoo but all of them are meh

  • Right! But why Asus not yet come up with good updates on Display tunning, its going to worst and the display is the most important part of the mobile!!! Need something better to reduce that black crush at least 70-80%!!!

  • They have already told you they are fine tunning display with every update and this will take more time also you should understand that its not that easy like 2 min maggie. Have pateince! You should appreciate that atleast they have taken display issue seriously and gave user a word of satisfaction that it will be optimised with every update and i know now you will say this update did not change anything for you well here you should understand that every display is fine tunned diffrently and so for few users this update has made few changes and few doesn't notice anything so wait until it will take time for every user to be satisfied they are considering maximum number of display scenario cases and examinig those behaviour particularly which will definately take more time

    Dont worry some or other day they will be at there best with a fix and here i mean finally black crush will be reduced to minimum or gone this m assuring you becoz past few updates have optimised display with black areas alot and so users are able to see changes

    Wait n just wait they are continously working what you expect is problem must be fix with one single time with single update but you should understand every display has diffrent tunning catagories so,

    Slow n steady wins the race...!! And for that you have to be pateintly wait


  • I know very well, but Maggie is at 10/- and Rog3 is costing 50k ! I want to ask this question to everyone here, any new user accept the Rog3 with these known display issues if we tell them before purchase???

    We users are waiting for better updates, but as you said many past updates comes with better tunning, I do not agree with you, very few users seems some good results and I can show you that many users whose display is not improved even 1%! Asus might win the race steady but if he is too slow then he might loose the race, because many more competitors are there in the race, as I said legion is almost close to it!!!

    Can you tell me the last update benefits except security patch??? Real world updates???

  • If you are correct then I would like to send my device to Asus store(developers) to change the display, it looks like Lcd panel.

    (I know its amoled but please check the video, brightness increase from right to left and it looks like LCD display, very bad) I have Realme x2 pro with 90hz but display brightness not shifting like this.....

  • Go into developer settings, disable HW overlay and you got your blacks even at 100% brightness back if thats truly the only thing bothering you.

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    @asus when r u going to fix the black crush issue

  • Well as many people say that the dev team is working on the display. I think they're just working on the wierd layout on every apps like youtube and other streaming apps. They didn't eventually working on the display itself as i saw some of my friends devices that is already rooted (still avoiding any root stuff on my device for warranty) that the kernel is actually unchanged whatsoever. I saw some iris thingy inside and i think if they can access on pixelwork stuff maybe this black crush issues will be easily solve by just one updates.

  • I'm already looking into it. It isn't exacly easy as the service from pixelworks is signed, any alterations will cause in the system to freeze, I'm assuming here that Asus simply cannot do anything as pixelworks has made sure there is no way to alter their service or calibration, even trying disabling it is difficult as the chain has to be backtraced and you need to disable it at the start of the running process.

  • @nightmaster552 my friend :) you are doing a good job, and as an expert, I have a question of a different category.

    One of the customers who bought the ROG 3 from me reported something unusual with a battery, the "accubattery" application shows the factory battery capacity at 6000mAh, real about 4900mAh. The customer also has a USB-Meter, which gave him about 4900mAh while charging from 0% to 99%. Do you know anything about it?

    I will be grateful for your response :)

  • Accubattery reading are always an estimate and arent exacly accurate. As for his USB-Meter claim I would like to see him timelapse a full charge and see it. Always be cautious, from experience I can tell customers have a strong tendency to not be entirely honest.

    Ask him to provide a full timelapse of similair to prove the reading from something like an type C meter, then go from there. I have had customers telling me they never modded anything only to find them having opened their notebooks or telling me they don't know why they graphicscard broke but when looking at the PCB I find liquid metal residents which are components away.

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