ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • I kinda feel like this phone is a BETA version and they will soon release the real stable phone.

  • I am patient, so I do not delete ROG 3 and expect improvement, because the smartphone is generally great :)

  • push......when update......

  • subsub Level 1

    Any updates on what is new regarding the black crush ?

  • Why are you saying to reduce this problem. We want Black crush issue free mobile. We spent 50000. Some buyers got perfectly fine device and I got defective piece with this Black crush issue. Please provide mobile replacement at your service centre. Because you are telling lie that it is software issue. Guaranteed it is hardware problem. Because if there is software issue. All customer should face this problem.

  • Just tell us if this is fixable over OTA software update

    i didn't pay 50k for this crap, fast draining battery, low quality display and a macro camera that cannot focus properly, my 4 year old lenevo k8 helped take picture of ID card because this crap phone can't

    Big disappointment!

  • Totally support you. Battery performance is not consistent and often drops by 30% in 4 hours of web browsing just. Black crush is there...nothing to mention again... Rest is fine

  • Asus should learn from OnePlus about their robust software ream and quick fixes and frequent software updates. Camera performance is not consistent and reliable. Always depending on Gcam instead of the stock app.

  • sehisehi Level 1

    Hi Brother even I'm fighting with the flipkart from long time I tried 3 Times for replacement but they got rejected because technician telling they doesn't have any option for this Issue. Help me to get replacement brother. I'm really fed-up with this issue. I don't think so Asus gonna solve this issue. Please Help me how I'll get replacement brother.

  • Is the ASUS team even seeing these posts ???

  • NoixNoix Level 1

    They know this is happening, just read the Phonearena review:

    "Unfortunately, it seems the ultra-high refresh rate panel comes with a price. While the colors of the ROG Phone 3’s screen certainly do look fine — and you have a few color profiles to choose from — it does suffer from a dreaded “crushed blacks” issue. Basically, if you lower the brightness below 50%, darker areas in the scene become very harsh, either going straight to black without a smooth transition or by showing very unpleasant dark-greenish tones.

    UPDATE: Asus reached out to clarify that pre-production samples like the one we had for the review here could exhibit display issues, but the company promises that the final units that will be available to consumers "should be comparable to ROG Phone II" in terms of display quality."

  • Mine or many others facing the issue do not have production samples. I know Asus is aware but a quicker and consistent fix is really necessary. Even the camera OnePlus 7T takes Wayyyy better shots... Even in dark lights. I can take them both for a tour and share samples tonight. Imx 586 vs 686. Bigger and better sensor.

    OnePlus proved here size doesnt matter😂😂

  • Yea i also got 7t and have far better camera shots in 7t

  • Not asking Asus to beat Other 686 sensor cameras as it is mostly gaming orientated. Atleast be better than the previous gen cams. The photos are not even close in terms of quality.

  • NoixNoix Level 1

    The problem is that they knew the display had problems in pre-production samples but still launched the phone without solving the issue.

  • You got the right point

    Asus hoping you are working on this

  • We all know size doesn't matter it's the processing which matters and this not just for camera it's for everything battery , camera resolution and many other things in the phone . Google before the 4th model had the worst hardware but software easily makes up for it so we all know number doesn't matter .

  • subsub Level 1

    I am pretty sure even ASUS knows its a hardware problem or they would have come forward and said it is a software problem. All ASUS is doing now is buying time slowly giving excuses its already been 2 months pretty soon everyone will stop saying anything and they will get away with this scam.

    I think we should all collectively go either to ASUS or consumer forum and get our money back or perfect phone.

  • Faulty display, below average camera performance for the price, battery draining after last update... And to top all of those ASUS never launched any of the accessories in India. Found out they are not even available for the Rog 2 either.

    Asus is playing a big game here probably launching product after product luring the people in with specs and then they get trapped. My refund request is still pending 😭. Hardly any of the senior members show their presence either😐

  • As per current condition and calibration of all of our's rog phone 3 screen , i can say LCD screen have far way better picture quality

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