ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • @Anders_ASUS @ARP_ASUS can you please take this seriously....

    Atleast have the decency to make a post for this issue , acknowledge it and give a assurance that we will fix it in next few fota updates..

    A device costing this much and the negligence you guys are showing are actually heart breaking...

    When people come from Brands like - One plus , Samsung to Asus its kinda the love they have for Asus that bring them here..

    As a aftersale service we atleast deserve this much atleast...


    Do reply !! Don't keep this unseened

  • Black crush can't be displayed via screenshot , so try to click the same from another device

  • Hi Anders,

    We are tensed about this matter because, once the return period is over, we will be stuck with the device. And if its a hardware issue we are doomed. I visited a nearby ASUS AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTRE and they are also doubtful whether this is a software issue or not. They are recommending to return the device. Thats why Im tensed. The device is not cheap, right.

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    Anders did say black crush will be decreased in the upcoming fotas

    His comment was further above in this thread

    So basically Asus has acknowledged the issue and is working on a "fix"

    What change they'll bring remains to be seen tho

    According to a moderators comment this update should drop in September

  • Hi all , tough i am 5z user but i still follow some news with rog n latest series from asus

    Want to share you some good news that

    Did you guysz notice same black crush issue in google crome for same HDR youtube videos answer is 'NO '

    So would like to tell you guyszz that this is not that serious issue as you guysz are thinking its all about colour ptimisation of display for HDR videos only as this black crush is invisible for same HDR video when played in chrome so dont worry guysz this is surely gonna fix with coming updates which is very close

    It is not hardware issue thankfully 😊

  • I'm observing same black crush in Chrome Web browser too

  • ROG LOVERS I had also buy rog 3 but when see this display issue I return my device immediately because it's harware faulty issue or cheap quality material utilised by Asus don't by till they people not come with actual solution.

  • I just claimed this seeing an youtuber claiming and showing that crome doesnt have black crush, ' o dont know how did he came upto than without black crush in crome '🙈😬

    Sorry if m wrong i just tried to update as per my knowings i guess you must check only HDR videos from crome for cross verification as NON HDR videos will definetly show black crush in crome claimed by a youtuber

  • I also watched that video claim the same with 160 hz unlocking refresh rate.

  • To me. They said to wait a couple of days, I'll wait until Monday, if not he will go back with you. I do not spend 1000 euros so that you have a mistake that they do not have a 200 euro smartphone. Sorry. It seems like an insult to me. And if they say a couple of days that they keep their word

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    Screen is showing heavy green tint instead of black in all the refresh rate options and also major black crush

    Will this get fixed in OTA update ?

  • Dicen que van a sacar una actualización en un día... Si me mienten devuelvo el teléfono... Lo dijo Anders

  • Yes bro same even I am facing this issue even I got replacement then also having same issue

    For this setting Red tint increase your brightness to see magic 😑

  • Hi bro,

    I think the issue is on all variants of the rog 3, so a replacement is ofcourse not going to solve anything.

    I have also given up any hopes of the display issues being solved by an upcoming FOTA UPDATE.

    P.S Do let me know about the replacement/refund process by Flipkart ( like how to highlight these issues to them)

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    So when will be the next update?

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    sorry guys,I am an Rog 2 user and I have ridiculous amount of red tint ,infact every Rog 2 unit was plagued with it and black crush too.we warned about it and suggested users not to buy Rog one listened.Only thing you could do is that please try your best to get the refund and shift to other reliable companies,you guys have even spent 40 % more than us(Rog 2 was Rs37999)

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    Were they able to resolve the issues with the ROG 2's display?

  • Exactly bro, I've tried for refund request 4 times, all are rejected and now my return period got over.

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    Same here 😔. The flipkart guys are just passing the bucks without realy solving the problem

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