ROG Phone II - List of games supporting above 60fps gameplay!

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Hi all!

Feb 28, 2020 - Milestone update - over 200 verified games running at 120fps!

Milestone update - over 200 verified games running faster than 60fps!

As of May 14, 2020 - this list contains 221 games supporting high-FPS (and the list has been updated 19 times from the first collection)!

Ahead of the ROG Phone II availability we are publishing this list of games on Google Play Store which will support gameplay of above 60fps on ROG Phone II! Most games reach even 120fps! Many of these games can also be found introduced through the 'Featured' page inside the Armoury Crate app!

Some few games may require a change in the game settings to enable higher frame rates.

Please keep note that support for higher than 60fps can break at any given time if/when the game developer makes changes to their game - and we are not in control over this.

If you find games which also support faster than 60fps which are not on this list - do share with us here and we will amend for everyone's enjoyment!

1945 Air Forces - 120fps

Ace Force: Joint Combat - 120fps

Airline Commander - a real flight experience - 120fps

Alto's Adventure - 120fps

Alto's Oddysey - 120fps

Armajet - 120fps

Assassins Creed Rebellion - 120fps

Badland Brawl - 120fps

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! - 90fps - (Music) - Set system to 60Hz and Armoury Crate to 90Hz.

Ballz - 120fps

Ballz Bounce - 120fps

Batman: The Enemy Within - 120fps

Battlelands Royale - 120fps

Bendy in Nightmare Run - 120fps

Blades of Brim - 120fps

Bleach Brave Souls - 120fps

Boggle With Friends: Word Game - 120fps

Bombastic Brothers - 120fps

Bomb Squad - 120fps

Brawl Stars - 120fps (60fps in Menus)

Breakneck - 120fps

Card Thief - 120fps

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars - 120fps

Chameleon Run - 120fps

Chicken Jump - 120fps

Chilly Snow - 120fps

Cover Fire - 120fps

CSR Racing 2 - 120fps


Dead Target - Offline Zombie Shooter - 120fps

Dead Trigger 2 - 120fps

Deer Hunter 2018 - 120fps

Deus Ex Go - 120fps

Dokdo - 120fps

Don't Starve - 120fps

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked - 120fps

DOTA Underlords - 60-120fps (enable in settings, during touch interaction frame rates will reach 120fps).

Dub Dash - 120fps

Durango: Wild lands - 120fps

Epic Battle Simulator - 120fps

Epic Battle Simulator 2 - 120fps

Eternium - 120fps

Falling Ballz - 120fps

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - 120fps

Flaming Core - 120fps

Frag Pro Shooter - 120fps

FZ9 Timeshift - 120fps

Gear.Club - True Racing - 120fps

Golf Clash - 120fps

Golf Star - 120fps

Google Earth - 120fps (not a "game" but still very fun)

Grimvalor - 120fps

Groove Coaster 2 - 120fps

Grow Kingdom - 120fps

Heart Star - 65fps

Hill Climb 2 - 120fps

Hitman Go - 120fps

Injustice 2 - 120fps

Into Mirror - 120fps

Into the Dead - 120fps

King Of Sails : Royal Navy - 120fps

Lara Croft Go - 120fps

Lara Croft: Relic Run - 120fps

Legendary: Game of Heroes - 120fps

Lemmings - Puzzle Adventure - 120fps

Magic Rampage - 120fps

Man or Vampire - 120fps

Marvel Contest of Champions - 120fps

MaskGun Multiplayer FPS - 120fps

Minecraft - 120fps

Minecraft Earth - 120fps

Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival - 120fps

Mini Metro - 120fps

Modern OPS - 120fps

Mortal Kombat - 120fps

Nonstop Knight 2 - 120fps

Oddmar - 120fps

OK Golf - 120fps

Pac-Man - 120fps

Pac-Man 256 - 120fps

PAC-MAN Pop - 120fps

Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox - 120fps

Perfect Slices - 120fps

Pinout - 70fps

Pixel Gun 3D - 120fps

Plague Inc - 120fps

Pumped BMX 3 - 120fps

Rayman Adventures - 120fps

Real Racing 3 - 120fps

Rebel Inc - 120fps

Riptide GP: Renegade - 120fps

Robot Warfare - 100fps

Rocket Sky - 120fps

Rope Hero - 120fps

Sandballs - 120fps

Shadow Fight 2 - 120fps

Shadow Fight 3 - 120fps

Shadowgun: Legends - 120fps

Shadowmatic - 120fps

Shining Force Classics - 120fps

SimCity BuildIt - 70fps

Skullgirls - 120fps

Smashing Rush - 120fps

Sonic Dash - 120fps

Sonic Dash 2 - 120fps

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic - 120fps

Soul Knight - 120fps

Space Armada: Galaxy Wars - 120fps

Space Commander - 120fps

Space Jet: Space ships galaxy game - 120fps

Star Forces: Space Shooter - 70fps

Stick War: Legacy - 120fps

Streets of Rage 2 Classic - 120fps

Subdivision Infinity - 120fps

Subway Surfers - 120fps

Summoners War - 120fps

Super Samurai Rampage - 120fps

Temple Run 2 - 120fps

The Silent Age - 120fps

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival - 120fps

The Wolf Among Us - 120fps

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery - 120fps - (Puzzle)

Toon Blast - 120fps

Traffic Rider - 120fps

Trials Frontier - 120fps

UNKILLED - Zombie FPS Shooting - 120fps

Vainglory - 120fps

Vendetta Online - 120fps

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf - 120fps

Wonder Tactics - 120fps

WWE: Champions 2019 - 120fps

Zen Pinball - 100fps

Added Sep 12;

DOTA Underlords - 60-120fps (enable in settings, during touch interaction frame rates will reach 120fps).

The Wolf Among Us - 120fps

Bomb Squad - 120fps

Smashing Rush - 120fps

Google Earth - 120fps (not a "game" but still very fun)

Added to the list Sep 27;

Minecraft Earth - 120fps

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! - 120fps

Into Mirror - 120fps

Added to the list Oct 10

Magic Rampage - 120fps

Blades of Brim - 120fps

The Silent Age - 120fps

Added to the list Oct 25

Arma Mobile Ops - 120fps (FPS)

Blade Z Plus - 120fps (Arcade)

Bullet Hell Monday - 120fps (Arcade)

Fast Like a Fox - 120fps (Adventure)

Added to the list Oct 31

Ceres M - 120fps (Role Playing )- Thanks @sewjesan

Mekorama - 120fps (Puzzle)

Modern Combat Versus - 120fps (FPS) - Enable in settings

MR Bow - 120fps (Arcade)

Photon Strike - 120fps (Arcade)

Added to the list Nov 7

Squadron - 120fps - (Arcade)

Squadron II - 120fps - (Arcade)

The Catapult: Clash with Pirates - 120fps - (Action)

Last Hope Tower Defense - 120fps - (Tower Defense)

Offline Bubbles - 120fps - (Arcade)

Added to the list Nov 20 - Thanks @Wize @Mvarun @Hemanthmcqueen

Ancestor - 120fps (Arcade)

Opsu! - 120fps (Music)

Friday the 13th: Killer puzzle - 120fps (Puzzle)

Added to the list Nov 29

Brawl Stars - now supports 120fps in game! (60 in menus)

Offline Bubbles - 120fps (Arcade)

Icy Ropes - 120fps (Arcade)

Bouncy Ropes - 120fps (Arcade)

Drift It - 120fps (Arcade)

Tennis bits - 120fps (Arcade)

Added to the list Dec 16

8 Ball Pool - 120fps (Sports)

Doodle Gods Free - 120fps (Puzzle)

Doodle Gods HD Free - 120fps (Puzzle)

Monkey Ropes - 120fps (Arcade)

World of Tanks Blitz - 120fps (Action)

Added to the list Dec 30

Evil Lands - 120fps (Role Playing)

Blitz Brigade - 120fps (Action)

Offroad Legends - 120fps (Racing)

Grand Mountain Adventure - 120fps (Sports)

Xenowerk Tactics - 120fps (Strategy)

Poopdie - 120fps (Action)

République - 120fps (Action)

Added to the list Jan 6, 2020;

CarX Drift Racing 2 - 120fps - (Racing)

Evertale - 120fps - (Role Playing)

Walk Master - 120fps - (Action)

Hexonia - 120fps - (Strategy)

Added to the list January 13, 2020;

Chess Rush - 120fps - Strategy

Infinitode 2 - 120fps - Strategy

Farm Punks - 120fps - Action

Tales Rush - 120fps - Action

Added to the list January 20 - 2020;

Crossing Void - 120fps - (Role Playing)

Dungeon Quest - 120fps - (Role Playing)

Pocket Rogues - 120fps - (Role Playing)

Delivery From the pain - 120fps - (Role Playing) - "Set game to 60fps in settings, it will be 120fps".

EverybodyRPG Returns - 120fps - (Role Playing) - "Set game to 60fps in settings, it will be 120fps".

Added to the list January 24 - 2020;

Cell to Singularity - Evolution never ends - 120fps - (Simulation)

Glory Ages - Samurais - 120fps - (Action)

Slash of Swords - Arena and Fights - 120fps - (Action)

A Way To Slay - 120fps - (Action)

Mindustry - 120fps - (Action)

Added to the list January 29, 2020

Off the Road - 120fps - (Racing)

TheoTown - 120fps - (Simulation)

Open TTD - 120fps - (Simulation) (When there's motion on screen (like scrolling))

Armello - 120fps - (Boardgame)

Added to the list Feb 19, 2020

Reckless Getaway 2 -120fps - Action

Tank Stars - 120fps - Arcade

Johnny Trigger - 120fps - Action

Harvest Town - 120fps - Role Playing

Somnus : Nonogram - 120fps - Puzzle

ShadowGun - War Games - 120fps - Action (ROG Phone II partner game, also supports vibration and more features)

Added to the list Feb 28, 2020

Falcon Squad - 120fps - Arcade

Zombie Gunship Survival - 120fps - Arcade

Curse of Aros - 120fps - Role Playing

Last Arrows - 120fps - Action

Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense - 120fps - Strategy

The Walking Zombie 2 - 120fps - Action

Mosaic: BlipBlop - 120fps - Arcade

A Planet of Mine - 120fps - Simulation

Subterfuge - 120fps - Strategy

Legend of Solgard - 120fps - Role Playing

Tiny Bubbles - 120fps - Puzzle

Added to the list May 14, 2020

Idle Zombies - 120fps - Arcade

Egg Inc. - 120fps - Simulation

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot - 120fps - Role Playing

Old Man's Journey - 120fps - Adventure



  • You can add Dota 2 Underloards as of today's update you can set the game to run at 60fps but while interacting (touching the screen) uncaps the FPS. Its buttery smooth with my Original Rog at 90fps

  • Please add Brawl stars ?

  • Here are another round of games which support above 60fps ! Thanks @penguinsquad and @Bhaleck

    DOTA Underlords - 60-120fps (enable in settings, during touch interaction frame rates will reach 120fps).

    The Wolf Among Us - 120fps

    Bomb Squad - 120fps

    Smashing Rush - 120fps

    Brawl Stars - ~90fps

    Not a game but still very fun;

    Google Earth - 120fps

  • Added on Sep 27;

    Minecraft Earth - 120fps

    BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! - 120fps

    Into Mirror - 120fps

  • My Google Nexus 6P just got stuck in a bootloop so now I'm looking into getting an ASUS ROG Phone II since it features both a headphone jack and dual front facing stereo speakers. For now, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 until I'm ready to make my purchase.

    Most of the games I play have been Pokémon and Nintendo Mobile games. Some of them may or may not be supported:

    Dragalia Lost

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Mario Kart Tour

    Pokémon GO

    Pokémon Masters

    I believe Dragalia Lost is supported but I'm not too sure since I never got the chance to check. Just what I heard from Reddit if I recall. Dragalia Lost is the game I play the most lately and it would be great to see it supported. There is also a list of games that run in 120fps for the Razer Phone so they might also be compatible.

    I would also like to see some other games supported like:



    War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

    It would be good to reach out to some developers to see if they could make their games compatible. I'm just waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to check some good deals. Here's hoping that the ROG Phone II will support some of the games I play and looking to play.

  • Golf Clash does not run properly at 120Hz, it runs the video twice as fast instead of smoother. Easiest way to see the problem is when playing, the arrow that bounces back and forth for the aim moves back and forth at 200% speed of when running at 60Hz. This makes it much harder to play, the needle should move at same speed as when in 60Hz mode but more smoothly.

  • Dragalia Lost - Can't test. Not available in my region

    Fire Emblem Heroes - 60 fps

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - 60 fps

    Mario Kart Tour - 60 fps

    Pokémon GO - 30 fps

    Pokémon Masters - 30 fps

    Hearthstone - 30 fps

    Shadowverse - 60 fps

    War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius - 60 fps

  • Let's hope they fix the animation and video playback rather than locking the game to 60fps

  • Thanks for the reply. I do find it strange that Pokemon GO is only at 30fps though since there is a post on Reddit saying that the game runs at 90fps with the first ROG Phone and has a recording of the game at 60fps (which I can tell because the video looks way smoother than it did on my old phone). I read about it in this thread:

    I was hoping that it could go 120fps for the ROG Phone II this time around but I guess this isn't the case.

    Thanks for checking on the other games I play/played though, I appreciate it. I'm still looking to get an ROG Phone II for the holidays since it's still the only phone that has both dual front facing stereo speakers and a headphone jack. Hopefully, some of the games that I play will eventually be supported.

  • It's not unusual that some games have a setting to unlock a higher FPS. Some games makes you play a long tutorial before you can access these settings and it was a while ago that we played Pokemon GO. Could be that we didn't play long enough or that we simply missed the setting. I see in the reddit thread that a user mentions "Before 0.125.x it was able to toggle 60 FPS via switching Ar+ on and Off" which might have allowed even higher FPS.

    We have seen other games that used to offer unlocked fps, that has now locked it to 60 FPS.

  • According to this article:

    it looks like Pokémon GO and Fire Emblem Heroes support 120fps. Maybe you guys could look into these again and add it into the list. The bigger the list the better and if the developers did update their games to support it then it would be good to list it up there. It would be a bummer if some of these games have high refresh rates enabled on some devices but not the ROG Phone II. It would also be especially strange if the first ROG Phone could run some games above 60fps but the ROG Phone II which is its successor can't do so for the same games.

    It looks like the ROG Phone II has fantastic hardware and the only thing really left is to optimize the software to enable some of these games to run at 120fps. Looking forward to seeing more collaborations with game developers to enable these features on the ROG Phone II. ?

  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin
    edited October 2019

    We'll give it a go again but I am not sure Pokemon Go actually runs above 60 on any device , anymore.. but we'll double check ROG1 and some other device as well.

    As for games support/tuning/etc, we do co-work more closely with some developers to optimize their games for ROG2, such as Tencent, Madfinger Games, Gameloft , where both sides help to ensure frame-rate stability and a higher fps cap in some games.

    This is of course not possible for every game as generally mobile games are designed more towards a "lowest common denominator" as they for obvious reasons want games to work ok for as many devices as possible. Which is also why the ROG1 and ROG2 are designed to not only provide raw power - but also better cooling for longer sessions, better ergonomics (airtriggers, sideport), better speakers, a quality screen, and so on. As from our experience in developing ROG products, it is not just the raw power that dictate the gaming experience.

  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin
    edited October 2019

    Three more games as below, can reach 120fps!

    Magic Rampage - 120fps (Role playing)

    Blades of Brim - 120fps (Endless runner)

    The Silent Age - 120fps (Adventure)

  • fps survival rule is not as stable as expected rog phone 2

  • leafyleafy Level 1
    edited October 2019

    How do we obtain the ROCKMAN X DiVE beta? I heard the ROG 1/2 users get beta access for free. Do we have to live in Taiwan? Attempting to sideload the apk fails as expected.

  • LuztLuzt Level 1



  • It is up to the developer to enable more than 30fps framerates - we cannot control them.

    You may request this to the dev directly.

  • Here are more games which support higher framerates;

    Arma Mobile Ops - 120fps (FPS)

    Batman The Enemy Within - Up to 120fps (Adventure)

    Blade Z Plus - 120fps (Arcade)

    Bullet Hell Monday - 120fps (Arcade)

    Fast Like a Fox - 120fps (Adventure)

  • Black desert mobile - the game has 60 FPS option, but ROG 2 does not allow it.

    Other phone can

    Please fix?

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