Warning, Killer power bank watch out, awaiting fix

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This power bank does not obey Quick Charge standards and outputs 12V, knowing that this phone only have 9V input, you know the consequences. Once killed my phone, luckily it was within 10 days of purchase and I was able to return it after it self-recovered for 2 days and refuse to fast charge anymore. Using my phone I can verify it bugs out all the time. If you have this power bank, stop using IMMEDIATELY / only use slow charge port. 
Meanwhile, ASUS, can you do some software safety to guard the device from problematic chargers? Maybe you can stop the the charging when voltage requested by QC does not match power bank real output voltage and does not trigger hardware safety. 


  • Well I'd always buy a trusted brand. Things like these always happen on random brands
  • Quick Charge 4.0 supports from 3.6V up to 20V DC. Maximum power is 18W so it will automatically draw sufficient amperage. 12V shouldn't kill any QC4 smartphone (source: Wikipedia). My car has QC3 charger that gives outputs 5V, 9V and 12V and it works just fine.
  • No, in fact, this phone only have circuitry capable of 9V. Don't try to put 12V in it to prove your point, you may need a repair. In a good Quick Charge 3 handshake, the phone requests any voltage with accuracy of ±0.2V and the charger is supposed to recreate that voltage, thus this problem may either be the phones problem or the power banks. (Quick charge standard does not enforce all voltages, therefore, it is entirely possible for <20V endurance from input, hence the need of software protection to interrupt the charging) 
  • I was waiting for your reply as I could only rely on poor Wiki specs. It's hard to find anywhere how exacly QC behaves. So that range is for the chargers or only for a handshake? Charger starts with 5V and phone requests different voltage (9V in this case)?
  • Starts with 5V
    Phone requests 9V
    Power supply rises to 12V (≈+0.2V per 0.5s)
    Phone does not interrupt charging
    ASUS, if you want to have easier debugging QC, I can lend you my Quick Charge analyzer, PM me if needed. 

  • Okay, thanks for clarification. My QC charger can deliver up to 12V and my phone hasn't fried yet so I guess charging control works fine.
  • My other QC 3.0 charger can deliver up to 12V too and my phone hasn't any problem with charging from this charger.

  • BTW my content in this post may be incorrect, I have read some more info on QC3. Refer to new post.

  • That powerbank looks so legit that I won't even connect it to the power socket for charging the powerbank itself. *explosive laugh*

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