Wifi Calling or VoLTE in UK

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Are there any plans to enable wifi calling or VoLTE in the UK (specifically on EE)? I have the WW edition and the options are not available. Is this because I don't have the EU SKU? 


  • VoLTE is always enabled per operator and both sides need to make changes to make it work. Unfortunately, this is not something which we can simply turn on. The more ASUS users asking their operator about VoLTE, the faster we will be able to get their help.
  • On some model type OnePlus that is not said compatible by activating the function on the phone there is volte available why make this option hide when it is not available?
  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
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    Because it can create issues when it is not optimized by us and your operator. We can discuss internally if it should be possible to enable it with a warning text
  • It would be really nice if it was able to be enabled, even with the warning. I am now having to change mobile network when my contract ends as I get very poor signal at home and wifi calling was the only way I could actually hear people on calls! I'm worried though as I think that all the networks have the same issue at my home address, it seems to be a bit of a blackspot so without wifi calling I might have to get a different phone  :/
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