Rog phone 5s pro do not have rear touch after going for repair

My ROG Phone 5s Pro was over heating and had low battery life from the beginning. When I gave it to the service center the first time, they said they replaced battery and gave it back in 3 days. I doubt if they did anything except for downgrading the firmware. After few days of using again with low battery life the phone died while in sleep the day before it was to be submitted for the repair. This time they said that they had to replace the motherboard and took 15 days. Unfortunately I lost my data. The original issue with the battery still remains and also the rear touch slide is not working anymore and is not even shown in the settings. The battery takes in only 2800 mAh while measured using usb volt and ammeter.


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    Problem is not yet corrected. They have no clue about this exclusive functionality of the phone. The mod who contacted me about this is of no use. He did not even care to reply. Somebody suggest me what to do now? Asus should replace me with new one or refund me. How do I proceed.





  • Received the phone atlast. They had to replace the screen, motherboard and battery and three times to the service centre. Is it not better to replace the phone instead of replacing all the parts in the phone?

  • Hello, vamsikrisna.

    Regarding your maintenance and related information, I have replied to you in PM.

    Please help to check and confirm, Thank you.

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