Question regarding phone case and best launcher for Rog phone 6

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  1. Model Name: Rog Phone 6
  2. Firmware Version: 197
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
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So i apologize if this is a obvious question, but in my defense i'm new to Android, haven't had one since i was 16 (now 28). I'm wondering if there aren't any full protective cases for the rog phone 6? such as how the iphones have lifeproof cases? Basically the last thing i want is to accidentally drop it and it easily crack the screen.

Just wondering if there isn't something better than the $12 cases that you can currently find on amazon that aren't full cases. Just a back and a screen protector.

Also, is there any better launchers that don't negatively affect performance? Or is the default asus launcher the best as far as performance. Would like to get a better looking launcher, with more customization options, but if it cost performance then i guess i have to choose performance or appearance.


  • Hello!

    Thanks for your question, I myself tend to be a bit clumsy so I'm using the Devilcase for ROG Phone 6, which has saved my phone from accidents more than I would like to admit.

    Regarding launchers? The ROG Launcher is pretty close to stock and does not mess with performance as some of the ones with many graphical extras, but maybe someone else here might have another recommendation :)

  • Cases for the Rog6 are rather scarce.

    As for Launcher, IMO the rog launcher is by far the best one out there, its focused on performance over design. If you like something more customizable then there is only really 1 out there and thats nova launcher, it's by far the most popular launcher for people who want maximum control and customization.

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    Case designers are prioritizing gaming first. Which means and open style case that allows access to the shoulder bumpers.

    If you want a full style case get some of the portfolio style ones with front covers. They are just as thick as life cases and the front cover protects as well.

    For launchers i use Nova prime and love it. No issues with performance and it's highly customizable.

  • @Gölden

    After a few weeks of use with your ROG6 if you still need a launcher come back and ask the question if you lack ideas, since I have the ROG5 it's not the ideas that I miss, the ideal would be Cape Canaveral but it's a bit inaccessible, however I have alternative solutions 😁

  • for most protective case

    is zshow armor case (its plastic and tpu

    devil case have very small lip to the screen ∆ this is only case or get flip case

    or you can get imak case thin with lil lip to the screen

    i will say all cases not snug on the phone can easily remove in corners so if phone fall face down it may not survive

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