Is the 6D Ultimate coming to Israel?

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I'm interested in buying this version of the phone since I have heard that it lasts way longer than the snapdragon and also preforms better. The regular 6 and6 pro versions came out but I'm wondering if the 6D ultimate is also going to release here.



  • It seems so but that the 6D Batman limited series ??? and at the astronomical price of 5,480 NIS (Euro price 1200€) so normally converted to 4200 NIS.

    Only the Ultimate version should be purchased to play, ROG6D and Batman do not have the ventilation hatch, players will face great disappointment with these non-ultimate versions

  • Yeah, you are right, but my main concern is if the 6D ultimate going to release in Israel if not there will be no way for me to purchase it, the 6/6 pro did release well sort of the 6 pro is kind of weird right now but still. Could that mean the 6D also supposed to release here?

  • according to several news sites the 6D Batman yes but no news for the Ultimate, Asus' commercial policy is incomprehensible, you will have to wait for a response from an Asus manager.

    I'm curious about the answer

  • I dont think 6d will have better battery then regular phone also price sky rocket

    I suggest to buy regular version 256/ 512gb that is a still too high price

    Of batman and 6d version price you can by iphone 14 pro max

    Also you unable to install google camera on dimensity cpu

  • @yosef019

    You should stop thinking and especially to write down your thoughts

    +2h approximately in multimedia and games (5h vs 3h Genshin Impact)

    there is a minimal higher consumption in basic use but due to a bug on the wifi of the 6D which will be corrected, so the Médiatek will win hands down on all uses.

    The Ultimate version with Aerocooler saves 10/15°, it's the only one that allows you to play without dropping fps with 25°and more ambient temperature, the price is excessive we agree but the other versions are just good for basic use and should be compared with 60%-70% less expensive phones (and which work with VoLTE/VoWIFI :).

    False, there are a large number of Médiatek smartphones that can use an adapted GCAM version or the proprietary Google libraries have been replaced. you have to check with API Camera2 if ASUS has done this minimum compatibility work.

    Unlike Qualcomm and especially Google where the camera libraries are proprietary and reserved for Pixels, it's completely free at Médiatek with all the development tools, to optimize the camera modules, the manufacturer just needs to pull his fingers out of the hole. ....

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