Phone abruptly froze and shutdown, wont boot up.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG 5s
  2. Firmware Version: idfk phones dead
  3. Rooted or not: not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: just once
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

So my phone died like all the other posts here on the forum. Was listening to music on spotify when it froze and shutdown. Ngl after reading so many posts on here about this issue, i kinda expected it and boom it happened. Its been used for light genshin and few other games but nothing serious that extended more than an hour per day so this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Its about 6 months old so should be within warranty so a visit to a service center is due, but seeing how this happened what guarantee is there that this wont happen again after the warranty expires after getting stuff replaced? do i have to pay out of pocket for what is essentially asus's issue with faulty motherboards? Pathetic.



  • Ofcourse it will happen again. I have changed the motherboard of my phone due to wifi failure when it was in the warranty period. Just after 5 months of replacement, the same thing happened to me like what you described. I submitted the phone again to service centre. They refused to replace the motherboard in free of cost since the warranty got over. After many mails and calls to Asus officials, finally they agreed to change the motherboard without any fee and said this is treated as a special case. No wonder the same will happen to you even if you replace the motherboard. So, once you get the phone repaired, please try to sold it as soon as possible and get a good stuff from any reliable brand.

  • Check for Android updates

    Important: Settings can vary by phone. For more info, contact your device manufacturer.

    Open your phone's Settings app.

    Near the bottom, tap System and then System update. If needed, first tap About phone or About tablet.

    Your update status will appear. Follow any steps on the screen.

    Check storage & clear space

    On most phones, you can check how much storage you have available in the Settings app. Settings can vary by phone.

    Your phone can start having issues when less than 10% of storage is free.

    Hope You Find This Useful,


  • My guy the phone is dead. Would not boot, nor show any signs of receiving power from the charger on both usb ports. Most likely issue is the power ic is dead as other users have stated and needs a mother board change for which i have submitted to an authorized service center. Plus having the latest software updates on this phone doesnt seem to be any more helpful because asus has released bad updates in the past

  • Yea man for sure asus gonna charge me for future breakdowns once the warranty ends. Ive tried looking into extended warranty and i think there is a possibility if i contact customer support so ill look into that when i get the phone back.

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