Turning off

Hi! My asus freeze and turns off completely after that and restart and it happend 4 times now while I open tik tok


  • Hey @btnan30

    Thank you for reaching out! Did this just start happening randomly? Also, does this happen using the phone regularly or only while you're on TikTok?

  • btnan30btnan30 Level 1

    It started happen yesterday most of the time while i was on tik tok and also while using any other app

  • Hi @btnan30

    I recommend that you save all of your data/information and perform a factory reset. If that doesn't help, please contact your nearest service center. Thank you!

  • btnan30btnan30 Level 1

    I already had a factory reset not too long time ago tho

  • hard to say factory reset solve everything, should go to service center at first place

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