Asus ROG 6 Camera issues

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus ROG 6
  2. Firmware Version: Android 12
  3. Rooted or not: Not rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Always after update update 32.2810.2208.163
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Camera app

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


I wanted to record something and all of a sudden the camera start to behave abnormally with a lot of ticking sounds...

This happened after the update, I have uploaded a short screen capture of this behavior, hoping anyone can help or at least Asus would patch this problem...

youtu .be/VpL7vi9wQRs

Please help, the phone is less than a month old...



  • Ok great another case of phone attempting to nuke the camera module.

  • @FunBike31 Another issue to the pile, high quality turd phone keeps getting better and better.

  • I answered at the moment on the other case but I had not seen this one, suddenly I made a turn on the Chinese discus.

    3 cases where the use of the camera gives a black screen, or reboot, or displays an error message, a series of clicks, 2 to 3 symptoms. other reboot cases such as Android Auto connection via USB.

    The solution is to go to the royal club, in short, the service center.

    Asus innovates, Rog 5 wifi, Rog 6 camera, what will it be for the 6D?

    Mission Impossible, be careful in this phone will self-destruct

    Sorry, have to go to the end of the video :)

    Go ASUS, there's the Batman edition, the next one, I want Mission Impossible, especially with the music

  • So it turns out the camera software doesn't handle high temperature, on Samsung, if temperature reaches certain high level, it would pop-up message that camera is too hot to operate as a safety measure...

    How I concluded this, when the camera behaved like that, I put the camera towards cold air, 5 minutes, I placed my finger on the camera and it was cold, started the camera app, everything was working fine...

    Asus needs to release camera update to handle heat problems ASAP...

  • I have the same issue, for second time my camera doesn't work

    I think it happens when some new app ask for the permissions, at the first time I try to uninstall Facebook messenger and it work, now with outlook sending a photo ask for the permissions and the issues came again but now the problems continues after uninstalling the app

  • No clicks or strange noises when you try to launch the camera?

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    I hear clicks, when the app change between the cameras automatically

  • I recorded it

    Sorry for my English 😁😁

  • Haha, my English is not better :)

    Grilled component I think, nothing to do with the applications

    Return of the rog6 to the sender, request a refund, or an exchange with a Rog6D, or resell it after the repair, the same breakdown becomes frequent for so few copies on the market, it will happen again after the repair, it is a certainty.

  • I'm so disappointed with this phone, I changed for this one thinking "ooh an Asus ROG phone, it maybe a rockstar phone, like the computers components", my last phone was a Huawei mate 40 pro, and I was tired with the problem of no play store and only with appgalery,

    But with this phone I have only problems

    First the camera, second with the fingerprint sensor (you move your finger to fast, please move slower and try again), and it start at the same time with the camera

    I made the mistake thinking its a firmware problem so I try to update in the official page, and making the bootloader unlock because no one of the firmware I downloaded works so I lose the warranty, I feel like an idiot

    Hopefully going to the service, they can repair the issues and it go away

    I cross my fingers

    Thx for the help

  • They should be able to as it's a HW issue.

    I and many have the phone without those issues at all. I know a handful of people that upgraded to ROG 6 (not in any way good for statistics) and none of them have the issues you describe. I hope the service centre can fix it is replace the device

  • Lol...issues have started already ? At least with the rog 5, it took 6 months or so

  • Why did you not bother going through the rog 5 thread man? You would've gotten your answer.

  • nah it started at release however it slowly ramped up over time, same with Rog6.

  • Because I was looking for a phone like Huawei mate 40 pro, and ROG 6 was more like it on CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. And ROG 5 is less than

    And now looking here ROG 5 have other issues like ROG 6, the difference is the issues affect other components like wifi, also camera, battery, charging, etc

  • If your only issue is that you don't have play services thats super easy to solve, you can install play services manually or even better you can install microg, which is far better than play services. There is no phone like the huawei phones sadly they are by far the best camera phones on the market. The closest is probably the xiaomi 12 ultra.

  • I use gspace and I try to install play service but without rooting it's not possible, I agree Huawei it's a ultra nice phone and the camera it's just awesome but after 2 years of use I get bored seen ads every time I open appgalery, gspace, internet nav or some app downloaded directly from gallery

    I'm this moment I regret the change with this issues

  • I might be wrong but arent there tons of guides how to delete the ads and install google play? Havent owned a huawei in a while now so idk if things have changed. Am a very happy Rog3 user.

  • Chinese users, first served and most numerous do not seem to agree with you, and since there are quite a few firmware problems and language specific bugs, the users of the chat are much more numerous, in the other languages, it's often the other way around, users remain unknown until a serious problem arises. We can see that they use a lot more functionality, and therefore see a lot more bugs. it's the first who had burnt phones, who encountered the problem of the camera (grilled component), charging bugs, the USB Aerocooler which does not transmit HDMI or Audio, the continuous disconnection of the USB-C, BT and USB-C with Android auto, reboots several times a day linked to the loss of 5G it seems, high Ping in wifi (+70-90%!!), fingerprint or FIXED finger go too fast!!!, the problem affecting the bass and the sound distortion and lately the low latency BT which must be manually reconfigured with the correct codec because the standard codec defaults to the launch of the 'application. I'll spare you the problems specific to Chinese applications.

    Saying it's a good device is your right, but for now I see you like this 😵

  • This has to be the single greatest post in the entire zentalk Rog6 subforum.

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