Speaker issue

I have been facing a issue with speakers after updating to new version. The quality of speakers is worse didn't expect this from asus.


  • Hi shambu694,

    Please mention the software version.

    Quality of speakers can't be checked online and there are very little troubleshooting that we can help here. I will take your feedback though and test it out and accordingly forward the same ahead.

  • From which version did you update from?

    Also you might have an issue where the dirac service has not been started yet, opening the audiowzard should trigger the service to start, test your sound again.

  • If your Android loudspeaker won't work, restart the device and check for updates. Additionally, reset the sound settings, and disable Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb mode. If the issue persists, remove the case, clean your speaker grills, enter Safe Mode, and reset your settings.



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