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Why is my Snapdragon ROG 5S when tested using applications in the Playstore such as CPU Z, Aida64, 3DMARK which reads Only uses Snapdragon 888.

Shouldn't have used SnapDragon 888plus(+)

Please help with related information, thank you.

Kenapa Snapdragon ROG 5S saya ketika di test mengunakan aplikasi yg ada di playstore seperti cpu z ,aida64,3DMARK yang terbaca Hanya menggunakan Snapdragon 888 .

Bukannya seharusnya sudah mengunakan SnapDragon 888plus(+)

Mohon bantuan informasi terkaitnya terimakasih.


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    Your phone use regular SD 888 which clock speed up to 2.84 GHz

    Its strange because SD 888+ clock speed up to 3.00 GHz

    Where do you bought it?

    Can you share screenshot from cpu-z?

  • The screenshot you post is the result by name, we can see it by displaying the available memory sizes of the models and not the one that is installed.

    I don't know of software that displays SM8350-AC or 888+ to distinguish the SM8350 (888), it must be based on the frequency range which must be correct, i.e. 300-300Mz and not 300-2840 MHz

    Qualcomm is stingy with detailed info but I think it's like the others, the production line is the same, those which do not pass the 2.84 tests are trash, 2.84 are engraved SM8350 and those which pass 3.0 GHz are engraved SM8350 -AC (with a margin of course)

  • Thanks all for your information...GBU

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