What is your SOT with the ROG6?

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Been trying to figure out if the battery life is good, it seems to be very good but i would like to know what other users getting(of course, each of us use the phone differently with different mobile signal strength, but that could paint a picture of the overall performance of the battery).

That was mine of the second day of use.

*That's with constant 165hz, no Auto mode.



  • Could you open the "app usage" tab? I think from your screenshot its literally impossible to tell if its good or not.

  • Oh damn i forgot to to screenshot it... i'll make a new one after the current charge ends.

  • @PhenomFX You soon adding that screenshot? I'm curious about how it lasts on light load.

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    Yeah sorry hehe, been busy.

    That's on 165hz all the time, and some of the time the brightness was above 100% outside.

  • Not very good. Light usage and still only lasts little over 1 day. The rog3 lasts on same load and battery roughly 3.5times longer.

  • Probably due to the SDGen8 1 plus, mine x80 pro also has lackluster battery life.

  • Well not really, the zenfone 9 has better battery life than the rog despite having gen8+1 and only 4500mah.

  • Everyone praises the ROG6 battery life this year, most mean the others done a poor job mostly.

    Wonder how could i improve it further, but even at that state it lasts two times more than mine x80 pro.

  • You're comparing a smaller screen and 120hz vs 165hz and a bigger screen. It's not a fair comparison.

  • What excuse its also a smaller screen as well. Your logic is so flawed, plus the Snapdragon 865 was legit the best CPU for performance and efficiency Qualcomm has done, not much ASUS can do than use the less power hungry Gen+1.

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    Are you aware of how deluded you sound right now?

    3.5x more uptime=> oh it's the 0.2" difference!

    I can't help but wonder if you were drunk writing this response.

  • You literally said 3.5x MORE UPTIME and call me deluded and then drunk. Pretty much proofs the point whose the most deluded one or drunk one right?

    You're literally saying everyone who has a ROG 3 is getting 35 hours screen on time while im only getting 8-10 hours SOT with 120hz + 80% battery for limit charge... I don't know whose the most delusional one here. I already proofed my point, more efficient chip + smaller screen.

  • I never said 35hours screen on time, I said uptime, learning to read is a basic skill you should aquire.

  • Define what uptime is, you're literally saying that Rog 3 has 3.5x uptime than Rog 6. Go on, explain it, what uptime is. Can be SOT uptime, can be standby uptime. Go on, explain since we're in a battery thread.

  • Standby uptime.

    Due to the much higher "idle" or "base" drain the rog6 cannot sustain the same battery life as the Rog3 or other phones. Wheter the drain is due to hardware or software has to be researched if anyone would be interested in improving battery life. Given how much better the Zenfone does, it seems to be software related.

  • You're finally commenting normal! However idle drain can be more user problem than the device, I only say that since my ROG6 is actually fine, if standby time was bad, I'd be complaining too, it's at least better than my Fold 3 and OP 9 Pro was anyways. Albeit I've only had it for nearly 2 weeks now, but your 3.5x uptime is still outrageous and I don't believe it.

  • Well you're comparing a large battery gaming phone to a bloated mess that is the Fold 3 and a buggy mess which is the OP9 pro.

    The battery life of the Rog6 is sadly very mediocre for its battery size, my brothers Lenovo P2 lasts roughly 2days (40hours) without charge, being used with light load in mind (messenger, ig, snapchat, chrome, thats it). My sisters Motorola almost lasts 2.5days with same usage, these models are both using medium end SD chipsets and 5000mah batteries.

    This isnt entirely accurate but it still gives a decent insight:

    If you look at battery life youll notice how the Rog6 doesnt even come close to the Moto G despite having the same battery. This shouldnt be the case because the chipset of the Rog6 should be more efficient, however due to lack of optimizations and possibly some hardware components draining the battery by default it cant quite manage the same battery life.

    The reason I didnt compare it direcly to the Rog3 on gsmarena is because while the Rog3 still beats the Rog6 in battery quite easily, those values are still bad because the Rog3 on release had some battery soaking issues with its external modem which was turned on by default, which the Rog6 doesnt have, once the modem was properly shutdown it made the battery skyrocket.

  • Do you actually own a Fold 3. Because I've used it for nearly a year now. Are we back to assuming again?

    The OnePlus 9 Pro did go shit after the update to 12, I can't deny that. But it was decent before then.

    Lol, thats just a bad reason. Rog 3 battery life is shit due to a buggy software during release, the same point can be applied to Rog 6 since its new and only been released and like you mentioned 'software' problem.

    So since GSMarena has done both battery test during the release date, its a fair comparison and the battery life is basically identical on both. So I don't see your 3.5x uptime which is outrageous claim lol.

    I don't know but literally your points you mention really backfire on yourself.

  • If you deny that samsung has bloated phones you are disqualified from any discussion about anything software related on any android phones period. Samsung being bloated is even something casual users with next to no experience know. The fact you're unaware of the excessive bloatware on samsung phones is pretty much difinitive proof that you have absolutely no clue about whats going on on your phone.

    Oneplus has been a shtshow for a long time, tech savy people like me knew about it for a long time, it's first recently that even common reviewers finally realized, even tho its years to late now.

    Again, learn to read, it's not due to buggy software, it's due to the external modem being on all the time, it's techncially a hardware thing. I know you're not tech savy but common.

    Basicially identical? Wat

    +25% longer playback life on Rog3, almost identical. Guess you consider your fold 3 to have almost identical battery to the Rog6 then by your logic. Again disregarding all information and the moto, because it doesnt suit your bs opinion.

    I find your lack of objective reading quite dissturbing.

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