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CrimisCrimis Level 2
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I Just received my ZenFone 9 and I always set my Android navigation to "classic" mode. So the three buttons instead of the gestures.

The only problem is I often have to tap the home button 3-5 times now before it's activated. Do more users have this issue or could this be a hardware defect?

Edit: I already figured it out with help of some developer options, it looks like the touch screen is working just fine but the touch area for all 3 navigation buttons is way too small. I have made a screen recording to show the problem.


  • SvetSvet Level 1

    I have the exact same issue and it is very annoying. The touch area for the navigation buttons is way too small and I'm always missing it. Asus, please fix this and make it a lot bigger!

  • CrimisCrimis Level 2

    Can we report this somewhere or are Asus employees checking this forum too?

  • NisseNisse Level 1

    +1, the navigation bar is to small

  • kzmkzm Level 1

    +1 for the bigger navigation bar

  • HilaHila Level 1

    +1, same here...the navigation bar is to small, always missing the buttons and have to press it several times.

    Please make it bigger so it will be more accessible and easy to navigate.

    Thank you

  • Hey,

    Did you make any changes to the display size, because if you reduce the display size, it will also affect the size of the navigation bar.

    To rectify this issue go to the settings>Accessibility>Text and display>Display and font size

  • CrimisCrimis Level 2

    Yes, but the issue is the same with bigger text and display size. Basically it should not be possible to misclick the buttons on the bottom side. I have tested this with my Pixel 5 and Samsung S21, it's impossible to press below the buttons without activating them on these phones.

  • Thanks for bringing this to our notice, we'll look into it.

  • I do not have any problem.

    It works very well.

  • HilaHila Level 1

    No changes has been made, the area at the sides is just too small and it is hard to press the buttons.

    Thank you

  • Any update on this? I also often "miss" the buttons. Never had any problems on other phones

    I think the visual size of the buttons is fine but the touch area of the buttons should be extended all the way to the bottom of the screen.

    Or really just make the touch area the same size as the button is visually...

  • I have this issue also. I usually touch BELOW the navigation bar buttons - but that does not register the "clicks". Very annoying on such a masterpiece of a phone.

    Please improve this. 🫶

  • Yeah, the same issue occurs on my zenfone 9 device as well, unfortunately.

    @Mansi_ASUS has the dev team or the product owner been notified of this unpleasant UI issue?

    Thank you

  • Hey @sebiteen96!

    Yes, the issue has been reported to the R&D team.

  • +1 for this issue

  • Same here +1

    I thought it's a software issue but now I can see the touch area is not all the way to the bottom. And the buttons could be bigger.

    I use "old" Navigation bar because it's faster for me and does not need so much movement of the thumb.

  • Do you know if the fix is included in the next update?

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