rog 3 volte not functioning after update android 12 (31.0210.0210.230) not rooted



  • Doff87Doff87 Level 1

    Any got the wifi calling fix??

  • Charlyx91Charlyx91 Level 1

    Day by day excuses rog 3 sucks on amdroid 12

  • dgwdgw Level 1

    There's just no pleasing some people. If it had taken them just two days to release the hotfix, you would have complained that it wasn't ready in one.

    (That said, I keep seeing people say that the VoLTE problem was reported during A12 beta. If so, even I have to say it's inexcusable that the final version was released without fixing it first.)

  • jonsey974jonsey974 Level 1

    Yea. Except it wasn't 2 days. It's been 2 weeks.

    And what you read is correct. This was a known issue since the A12 beta and they took zero steps to address it beforehand.

  • dgwdgw Level 1

    That sucks. Was @Mattias_ASUS not working there yet? Seems like if he had been, R&D would have heard about the problem a lot sooner 😂

  • Agreed pleasing people is difficult in the software space. "It's just software put out a fix." there's a lot that goes into what touches what and where that people don't account for.

    I no longer have access to the Beta program since I had to opt out to roll back to Android 11 while I waited for Android 12 to come out. I can confirm though that it was definitely a known issue. There were several posts on it

    In fact I had to follow one to even get the procedure. I know I should've known it but I didn't prior to signing up for the beta.

    There is definitely a failure in communication here. Quite a few parties are responsible. This is not a one person caused this or even one department. This is a failure on the entire process chain. It should be reviewed and corrected so it doesn't happen again. Unfortunately, as with most things in larger companies. Money talks. So unless the money walks it doesn't talk and nobody knows its an issue until it is one.

    I hate to say it but the reason you ask for beta testers is because you don't can't test enough on your own. You could if you had enough budget but clearly we can see here that Asus didn't want to spend the money to get sufficient enough test scenarios built. So they asked the. Community. Which is fine its a way to save money I get it. But it shows what happens when that chain breaks down. Now you piss off customers who offered not only thier time but their devices and data to better the product.

    Asus is kinda showing us, the community, that they really aren't too interested in the software aspect of the phone. Which I get being a hardware company software comes second(look at armour crate for pc for crying out loud) just sucks that it's the same for phones.

  • Just for future refrence, if you get a deadline lets say 1. of any month, always tell the community its going to be out 2. of the same month. Always add +1 day because it usually takes the devs 1 day to upload firmware to the support site, this has always been the case since Android 10 until today. That way you won't have kids spamming here

    "BuT YoU SaId ToDaY"

  • jajajengjajajeng Level 1

    Hahaha...i got time, will wait till next 5 yrs for updte..take ur fcking time

  • javcarbejavcarbe Level 2

    Almost 2 week with not service... We should get something for the whole issues

  • It is 23:14 where I live and I just updated my phone to finally be able to use my service again. I know a lot of people won't come back to these forums again after the update since there's nothing to complain about so I just wanted to say thank you for all the time, effort and energy you put into helping all of us. I know it wasn't your fault but you took hold of the situation and dealt with it to the best of your ability and for that I commend you.

  • peysal92peysal92 Level 1
    edited July 29

    LTE/VOLTE still not functioning..its not my telco problem..icon volte at status bar not showing also..already on also but still cant get the lte..this update just showing the missing volte on/off setting..kindly funny and disappointed

  • dgwdgw Level 1
    edited July 29

    Waiting on the post-update reboot, then off to test that VoLTE really works again. Thank you R&D team!

    Next, can we get VoWi-Fi back?

  • Doff87Doff87 Level 1

    Omg no wifi calling🤬

  • Patch fixed VoLTE but like others the VoWifi still needs a fix.

  • peysal92peysal92 Level 1
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    already try 2lot..sim1 and 2..still cant get that volte..before a12..its work fine

  • Does your carrier use VoLTE only for voice can you make phone calls? The update had country designations maybe yours wasn't on it?

  • @Mattias_ASUS

    Could you get the devs to upload the firmware on the support site? In rare occasions they forget to upload it, I remember when they forgot to upload sourcecode until roughly 1 month later I complained about it.

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