Any luck on TWRP for ROG 2?

I am seriously considering trying to install TWRP.

Does anyone have success doing this?

I have huge problems with the GPS signal cuts out randomly resulting in various wrong locations on Google Maps while navigating, which could seem like a common issue on ROG 2.

And to be honest.. yes the ROG 2 is not new anymore, but I'm don't have the economy to buy a new phone every 6th month.


  • Are you on Android 11? If so, maybe you can try to downgrade to Android 10, if you think it’s a software problem. I don’t recommend you to install a custom rom, because you’ll lose couple of features your phone has.

    Btw, Rog Phone 2 still goes strong and can be used at least 2 more years if you don’t face a hardware problem.

  • I have installed roots acces and twrp both in R2 no problem doing that even I do it on regular bases trying custom rom a12

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