Android 12 Still using the same Vulkan v530 not the latest

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Is there any chance to update the vulkan to the latest(v600 above) for the next update. I thought the vulkan will be updated every new android update. Thanks


  • I'm not sure that many manufacturers use more recent for API Vulkan except at Xiaomi where a few rare devices are in 1.2.207

    The pixel 6 pro uses 1.1.201

    I don't think the OpenGL ES version indicates which vulkan API is used, it sure would be better if the rog 5 was in v6xx, 615 for example on the latest Nubia Red Magic 7 but it also uses Vulkan API 1.1. 128

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    Still using the old 1.1.128

    So no performance improvement for android 12. Kinda lame tho

  • Edit: The pixel 6 pro uses 1.2.201 not 1.1.201

    In which games do you expect a performance improvement thanks to the update from Vulkan 1.1 to 1.2?

    If the 'Android' games are not recoded to use the new APIs, updating the drivers will not bring any additional performance.

    You can give examples of games that use the new Vulkan 1.2 APIs

    PUGM mobile for example allows the choice between OpenGL and Vulkan but to my knowledge it's always 1.1 for Vulkan, so 0% profit.

    The current interest of an OpenGL ES 3.2 update might be in terms of security and stability, but it is independent of the Vulkan version.

    On the other hand, what is unfortunate is that ASUS promotes the Stadia platform which is one of the few that supports Vulkan 1.2 APIs (for games? that support 1.2), if there is well a builder who should have done it is them.

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    Mostly emulator, especially the new PS2 emulator called AetherSX2. I already tried my xiaomi devices that i upgrade it into A12 and it has at least 20% improvement for emulation like dolphin, aether, ppsspp. And for me, it's a big deal. I can feel the improvement when i upgrade my old rog3 from A10 to A11 (From v460 to v513). I haven't really focused on native android games because i just use my phone for emulation.

  • Ok, I understand, the developers of these programs follow and use the latest Vulkan updates, on the other hand, take offense, in this case you have to use another brand of phone, the XDA community is more numerous / active , in addition to being actually updated by the manufacturer with what is not visible but is necessary for the players (which Asus does not care about, it's been 13 months since I saw your 1st OpenGl / Vulkan request, and before for other phones that remained unanswered)

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