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Having updated to Android 12 possibly the worst mistake I made for this phone. But why do Asus continue to release softwares that are absolute trash? My phone feels like a piece of SHI*!!

Issues encountered so far:

1. Battery life: Definitely DECREASED. Used to get 1.5 Hours SOT from 100% to 99%, now getting barely 40 minutes on Android 12. 100% to 90% gave me 3 Hours SOT all the time, now, 1 hour 45 mins with light usage!! Battery has degraded significantly!!

2. Phone Temperature: Increased slightly. Not a good sign of course as phone is warm on Android 11 anyway. Now, even in idle, it sits 5 degrees Celsius higher than it did on Android 11

3. Speaker quality: The same as android 11, very good, no change needed. All good with speakers.

4. UI: New UI looks fresh & clean, but, gets laggy at times, especially when exiting an app & going to app drawer, shows random flicker on screen. Themes are inconsistent too as a weird green tint appears in sub menus.

5. Bluetooth headset volume has been decreased SIGNIFICANTLY. Bluetooth earphones no longer loud like they used to be. Max volume on Android 12 with Bluetooth earphones feels like 50% volume on Android 11

I will edit this post when I notice more issues/bugs.

Asus, you rushed this update, as you rush everything & it really shows. It's probably around 60% complete. Fix the damn battery drain & other issues I've mentioned above. This update should not have been released so early.

If anyone else has encountered issues, please mention them on here.


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  • The device gets extremely hot while gaming even for 30 minutes. Mine reaches 50 degrees Celsius when measured with an IR thermometer, however the Armory crate shows only 40-41. the CPU and GPU crosses 80 degrees on the Armory crate. This also results in a great amount of decreased performance, extremely jittery gameplay.

    There is a weird black screen issue, where the phone's display wont turn on, yet keeps on working as normal and will require a forced reboot.

    At times there is a delay in notification for apps like whatsapp, they will not pop up as long as the phone is locked.

  • For the battery you cannot question Android 12 before doing a careful calibration of this one, empty it and recharge it completely (green led + 15 minutes) with the phone turned off.

    For the most important heating, give Android 12 time to examine your applications, check your personalized settings to see if some are not reset by default.

    Don't expect a miracle, ASUS had announced 1st quarter, too many competitors have already released Android 12, so we had to meet the deadlines whatever the cost and for +15 years the bugs are "Normal" in the spirit of the general public, which was unthinkable before and treated very differently

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    Updated my asus rog 5s Today morning before while playing games phone got hot, now with normal usage phone get hot😭 asus please fix the issue, my experience with Asus was very bad as my previous rog 5 dead after 7 month's even though they gave me free replacement,i don't want to happen same with my 5s.🥲

  • Not sure what is the complaint. At least for me it's working way better: gameplay is way smoother even with Maxed settings and screen capture at 1080 p.

  • After A12 I got this much antutu score, very disappointed.

  • Im glad i didn't update my rog 5 to A12.. so many annoying bugs and glitches.. 😅

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    I downloaded the a12 zip.. i was too excited.. but after seeing this thread i am soo confused whether to upgrade my rog to A12 or not..

    What to do??

    Should i wait or just install the a12 ??

  • Whats yours cpu performance in the video not shows? Swipe the left in game genie.

  • Don't install it. Unless you want to ruin your phone. If you install it, you're going to want to downgrade it, to downgrade you'll have to backup all your data... Don't put yourself through the nightmare. Stick to android 11

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    Sure 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.. Thanks man you broke my confusion

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    Only issue I've had since the update is the 5g doesn't connect unless I go into the dailer codes and force it as the only way to connect

  • Another thing, if you update, your phone won't connect to PC!!!! This really p***ed me off as I couldn't back up my data !! So I had to buy a SD card with a SD adaptor and backup manually which took 7 hours !!!

    I'll give you an example of another issue, on Android 11, I get 3 hours SOT from 100% - 90% . On Android 12, I got just about 1.5 hours.

    It's a horrible update. Stick to the Android 11 .226 update

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    Can not find Twin (Parallel) WhatsApp media files after Android 12 update.

    Are they deleted?

    Can not download photos received in chat after update.

  • Other bug is that even than i make the Cpu and Gpu on high frequency and high temperature the fps and performance go down when i get 46 degrees.....

  • My phone was about a week old when I updated so i have no solid reference to compare a11 and a12, however I noticed an issue with the quick settings scaling where the top most settings have weird hitboxes making the brightness slider completely unusable. I've tried restarting my device but the problem persists.

  • I update my ROG Phone 5 8/128 to Android 12, and now I don't have Aura Lighting menu, instead I have PLED menu (PLED available for ultimate version). I don't know if I have to uninstall update or waiting for next update to be fixed.

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