Zenfone 8 flip already DEAD.

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One day, I was taking a photo with 8 flip. It was freezed and then shut down. So I have tried to press power bottons but nothing. My Phone could not start. I've tried to press soft reset with vol.down and power bottons.. same again couldnot start...Then I press vol.up + power botton....same....could not...

So, I've tried 3 bottons with my fate.....Nothinh happened to my phone.

I've to charge my phone. It's shown only red light blink.

Nothing to do. anything. anymore.

Please help me to get my phone alive.

Thank you so much. I am very appicate if you can solve my phone trouble.


  • I would demand repair under warranty from Asus or just go to the place where you have bought the phone and make a warranty claim

  • Hi jenwit.dj

    we are sorry to hear about your device, for what you are describing our recommendation is to visit the nearest ASUS Service Center at your earliest convenience to get your device check. As for the service center near you, please refer to the following link. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • I am so sorry about my warranty. I am in Thailand. There is no service from Asus in Thailand because, 8 Flip, not imported for sale in Thailand. I called for the service center but could not help.

    I don't know why my phone is broken . Cannot check.

    please find me a solution in order to continue using my phone.

    Thank you so much.

  • Hi jenwit.dj 

    We have sent a direct message to you. Could you check the mail box and reply us your product serial number? Thank you.

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    My phone also has an issue (Flip camera mechanism doesn't flip) and while I purchased it within my country (Canada), seems it and it's warranty are zoned to Taiwan. After many calls, online chats, and waiting for emails... the only advice I was given was to talk to the Support center in Taiwan. Unfortunately, I lack the language proficiency to navigate the website or to talk to a service agent. Any advice?

  • Hi Nelson_O 

    We have sent a direct message to you. Could you check the mail box and reply us your product serial number? Thank you.

  • Nelson_ONelson_O Level 1

    Sadly, no help or advice except send my unit to Taiwan and pay for shipping and repairs or take it to a third party repair center and pay for repairs.

    I'm fine with paying for repairs, I just wish I was paying ASUS for the repairs instead of some guy in a shop... I guess it's their way of saying they don't want my money...

  • Thanks for your story.

  • Interesting, so the Phone is still alive but doesn't boot.

  • ASUS does not have repair centers, they are hiring 3rd party centers to do repairs and RMAs.

  • Replace your motherboard is your only solution for now

  • How can I order Zenfone 8 flip motherborad ?

    Where I can buy in with warranty ? and How much does it cost ?

    Please.....advised me.

  • Please tell me how to send my phone to fix in Taiwan ? And how much does the cost that you've sent all process ?

  • Hi jenwit.dj 

    We have sent a direct message to you. Could you check the mail box and reply us your product serial number? Thank you.

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    Here is my product Number.

  • Hi jenwit.dj 

    To avoid other people from getting your product serila number. We had hide your picture. Thank you.

  • Thank you for advice.

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    Sadly, ASUS didn't tell me how to send in my phone. There is a ASUS Repair Center near me, but Karen and other ASUS representatives said they couldn't address my issue unless I sent it to Taiwan. I went to a 3rd party shop and they fixed the issue... A wire came loose that connects to the motor... I'm still surprised that ASUS couldn't or wouldn't address it.

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    According to the MyASUS app, there was an ASUS Repair Center near me... But according to ASUS reps, my phone could only be serviced in Taiwan. I wouldn't have minded if they directed me to a 3rd party repair center that was licensed to fix ASUS products, but... I got my phone fixed elsewhere and learned a lesson when considering a new phone in the future.

  • jenwit.djjenwit.dj Level 1

    In Thialnd, Asus Service Center refused to repair my case because Zenfone 8 flip is not sold in Thailand.

    Very upset to hear that.

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