Why did my discussion got finally answered by Karen_ASUS after 3 days and immediately after closed?

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Rog 5

Is this a joke?


Are you people joking?

Is this funny for you karen asus?

Do you really want to have like a bunch of legal matters on unethical buisness conduction?

Ur top of the class phone is straight up garbage. Nothing has been ever done about it.

Ur cusomer service literally laughs at angry customers.

Not good


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    What firmware version do you have?

    What video games are you referring to where it has the lags?

    Does it happen to this one video game or does it happen to other video games too?

    Is this lag happening while you press on triggers, on screen or is it delay for when you get shot but you see no one around you?

    Is the payments made in a game, card tap payment or something else?

    Which game or app you have installed where you cannot make the payments properly?

    What internet connection are you using? WIFI? 2.5 or 5? Are you using mobile connection? If you're using mobile connection, are you using 4G or 5G? Have you tried the sim card in another phone? Have you tried another sim card in the ROG phone?

    If your issue is very urgent, then the best advise is probably visit the service centre.

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    Forum Moderators don't usually work over the weekends, which is why you didn't get a response.

    As for why your other post was closed, you can probably work out why it was closed and I will leave the forum regulations for you to read:


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