Is there a way to force "true" 60hz refresh rate?

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Hello there guys,

I just bought this device, Rog Phone 3 (128/512) yesterday and i've been setting it up and testing my games (arcade emulation is my zen).

Unfortunatelly, and to my total shock, i discovered that this device doesn't actually have 60hz (when set to 60 hz obviously), but 59.3 hz.

This completely destroys the smoothness of the games i care about, there's always stuttering caused by the lack of sync between the 59.3 hz and 60 hz that the games need (my previous phone has 60.02 hz, so perfectly smooth).

Trying to sync content of 60 hz to the other options (90, 120, 144) is even worse in terms of frame pacing.

Is there a way to upate/fix this 59.3 hz issue and get actual 60 hz from this screen?

This is a deal breaker for me for an otherwise good phone.

Phone not rooted

Android 11

Thanks so much!



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    Just curious, but what did you do to test the refresh rate? It always looked smooth to me (60 Hz or higher), but maybe I just never noticed it was off.

  • Go to ""

    It'll show your approximate refresh rate you have set at that moment.

    Talking these days with other Rog 3 owners, it seems that it's not set in stone in all devices. Some reported ~ 59.6, some slightly different values.

    You have to be very sensitive to these kind of micro stutters to notice i guess.

    I'm still testing in hopes of finding at least a way to mitigate this as much as possible. I had some success, and i have a few more ideas and setting combinations to try.

    However, if anyone knows of a more straightforward fix for the actual display hz, it'd be perfect.

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    Thanks for that. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but this is the average results I've gotten from trying it:

    60 Hz = ~59.7 Hz

    90 Hz = ~89.8 Hz

    120 Hz = ~119.3 Hz

    144 Hz = ~144.1 Hz

    Tests were run using the Brave browser. It's interesting that, based on this tool, every setting was below the intended refresh rate, except for 144 Hz which averaged above the intended refresh.

    @Danishblunt Tagging you into this, since you have a pretty good grasp on technical stuff. Is this tester accurate? Is this just the nature of OLED screens, or does it have something to do with how the screen is calibrated? Does it occur on your custom kernel?

  • The test is flawed as it uses to browser to dertemine the hz. It's meant as a rough estimate not as an accurate tool. The stutter and lag are not caused by the display but because of how the games have bad frametimes on smartphones in general.

  • Nah, the "exact" same games, with the "exact" same settings work absolutely flawlessly in my other phone (the brand is not important as i don't want to be accused of anything here).

    With the correct settings and on well calibrated displays, there are ZERO framepacing issues, even in android environment.

    I've been playing these games on mobiles for some 8 years "daily" and i have an pretty good grasp on how things work.

  • Hey, could you maybe tell me what system updates you are on atm? Maybe a print screen of the Software Info?

    I mean, even with 59.7 things probably wouldn't improve, but there do seem to be differences in refresh rates and maybe it's related to some fixes that were implemented along the way.

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    I'm on .192, which should be the most recent update (included the January 2022 security patch).

  • Hate to break it to you but you are clueless if you think refreshrate is somehow the reason for your inconsistent frametimes.

  • You seem kinda smart, so i'm anxiously waiting for you to explain how to run in a "perfectly smooth" manner, 60.00 fps content on a 59.30 display.

    Feel free to use jargon if you need to.

  • @usernameRika

    Since youre goating me ill just do this:

    "59.2 display"

  • Wow, what you linked is completely irrelevant for this topic.

    It looks like a nice, fast game (never played it though), it's nice gameplay, congrats, it runs excellent (why wouldn't it?), but it shows nothing regarding micro stuttering related to sub 60 hz screen.

    Anyway, assuming i can do nothing about the display via a driver, i keep testing and I'm slowly getting to the root of this issue i think, isolating different variables that influence the Sync. Game Genie is a factor. X mode as well.

    There's two ways the game Syncs to refresh, one with Game Genie active, one without.

    It shouldn't be like that though. It's peculiar, but it's what it is.

  • @usernameRika

    It does exacly disprove your entire theory, as you said, 0 lags, responsive despite your false claim, no microstuttering to be seen whatsoever.

    Some CODM 60FPS gameplay in battle royal as well without any microlags and stuttering. And if you're now going to the dumbass route of somehow it's because the "display is lagging" then I suggest you record your gameplay and watch the stuttering on your gameplay as well. After that you might want to rethink your dumb theory.

    As mentioned according to the inaccurate site my refreshrate at 60hz is: "59.2hz".

  • Look man, i appreciate you actually wanna help, but what you are trying to show here, that hectic movement is, again, far from a competent "micro" stutter test.

    Even so, watching your vids closer, they are full of tiny framedrops, small as they are, they are noticeable, but those may very well be small performance drops or youtube drops, not even related to what i'm saying.

    One thing does help me though, and that is - that you have the same refresh rate in 60 hz as me; 59.2, lower than it should. So that's sort of confirmation that it can not be fixed via updates.

    I did have a breakthrough: running the respective 60 fps game WiTHOUT adding it to the Armory Crate, hence no Game Genie menu, doesn't mess up the Sync. The actual 60 fps game will be kept in Sync with the display native refresh and run at 59.3, keeping the smoothness, and with no noticeable audio delays or issues.

    I'm talking here 2D games with a lot of parallax scrolling, where even the tiniest stutters will be noticeable if one is sensitive to this.

    There's also another possibility i'm testing now, keeping the Armory Core involved, for max. performance needed in more demanding emulation.

  • I can't help but feel that u're either trolling or actually just dense as hell.

    You make 0 sense, you clearly don't understand what u're talking about. Also the videos aren't "full of tiny framedrops". Aside from 1 situation in the CODM recording where the encoder was lagging the clips were pretty much fluid.

    You do not even seem to understand how the browser generates the "refreshrate", if you did you wouldnt take it as a measuring tool to begin with.

    Wheter its 2d or 3d is irrelevant. The issue is still the same, inconsistent frametimes. It still has 0 to do with your imaginary sync issue. The fact you still are on about the nonsense about the displays refreshrate makes me question your intelligence.

    The recording show that the rog3 is more than capable of running games fluid without stuttering unless the game has something that would cause microstutter such as engine limitations (CODM deathmath when a model is spawning in front of your face, 30FPS animations running on higher FPS etc.)

    Upload a small clip of your stuttering here and I will then explain to you exacly what is happening on your recording so you can stop spreading nonsense about a non existant sub 60hz panel.

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    FPS is not the correct tool to represent smoothness. Its the frametime. If you been in pc gaming long enough, barely reaching 60 fps is much worse compared to lock it at 30 fps and there a lot of things can constribute to unstable frametime.


    Can you drive a car consistently and flatline at 60mph for 1 hour? you cannot drop more or less than 60.

  • @Danishblunt

    You seems to be unable to grasp a simple concept: A recording of 60 fps made of a content of 59.3, will result in?, not perfect smoothness, but yes, small micro stutters/framerate incosistencies!

    However, i did make 2 small off-screen 60 fps vids (so there would be no screen recording problem of any kind) that perfectly show my issue with how the phone handles the smoothness, between the real Hz of the display and what Genie thinks it is.

    Video No. 1

    Seems i can't post links so search youtube for: Rog 3 sync test 1

    (from user: usernameRika)

    is with game added to Game Genie, all 60 hz settings, and in this mode it should perfectly sync to the "great" 60.000 hz screen. But of course it doesn't, as the screen, surprise, is not 60, and the Armory Genie actually thinks it is, and this is what it seems to comunicate to the game. The Genie is confused.

    Video No. 2

    Search youtube for: Rog 3 sync test 2

    game removed from Game Genie, no other changes whatsoever.

    The game syncs perfectly to the display's real hz, resulting in perfect smoothness (which, of course can not be observed here, as you can still see some small stutters because of reasons i already explained more times than i should have, but in real-life there is ZERO stuttering)

  • It stutters in both examples. All you demonstrate right now is absolute lack of understanding how emulators, android phones and cameras work. After your messed up logic youtube should be lagging for everyone because it runs videos at 30fps.

    You make 0 sense.

  • I have nothing more to say to you, please leave this topic. You've proved with every reply you posted, that you are completelly oblivious to how content speed x display refresh rate works.

    Maybe you have good intentions, but you are becoming really toxic right now.

    Have a nice evening.

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