Issues after Android 11 Update

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Hi everyone,

I knew I should have been more skeptical and delayed the install a little more but here we are.

Following issues I observed so far in no particular order:

-CPU can't be locked at certain frequencies anymore via ArmouryCrate settings, at least for CoD Mobile. Might be a display error as most of my more demanding applications still perform fine.

-Audio from the main 3.5mm port finally used to be perfect with the last version of Android 10, I had abandoned all hope for that and was blown away by the quality of the built in DAC when it actually worked. Now it's back to the same horrible audio quality (very low tolerance for bass, less clear highs and mids with the built in AudioWizard-equalizer) when using 3rd party equalizers and apps such as Poweramp. Now it's the same story but even worse because it also affects the aux port on the AeroActive Cooler 2 which used to be better than the main one due to the software not butchering it. Hi-Res output also doesn't result in AudioWizard automatically disabling itself which is a shame, that used to be a great option to temporarily bypass it.

-Screen sporadically won't react for around 1-2 seconds in CoD:M which is obviously less than ideal on a gaming phone seeking to enable fast response times. It doesn't seem to be caused by the game as none of my friends report the same problem.

The accent colours and rest of the UI are also really ugly, I feel like Asus is trying to nudge users of older devices into upgrading their phone - reeks of planned obsolescence. If the problems above persist for a longer period of time it for sure won't be another device from them though. ^^


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    People have been reporting CPU not locking but I doubt this will be addressed as this is to stop the device from dying overtime. But we shall see. I manage to play CODM no problems though. It's only the 8th core which doesn't go to the max - that should be more than enough.

    Screen response time is working fine for me. Are you doing other things while playing CODM?

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