Kunai 3 Gamepad - Multiple Key Map Profiles

DranjithkDranjithk Level 1
edited March 4 in ROG Phone 5

Hi everyone, I recently purchased the Kunai 3 Gamepad for my ROG5.

I noticed that, for COD, Game Genie doesn't allow me to create more than one Key Map Profile. The software created a profile by the name 'Call of Duty' by default and only allows me to configure the profile. Cant really find an option to add another profile.

I prefer keeping a few control layouts for a game (One for Multiplayer, one for Battle Royale etc.)

While AirTrigger configuration page allows me to manage multiple profiles (image below), I'm not sure why the feature is not there for Kunai 3.

Any help regarding my query is much appreciated. Thanks!


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