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Hey Asus Team,

Please don't stop manufacturing the flip models in future because many of the users want no notch displays and excellent camera. Flip models makes Asus unique in the smartphone industry. Atleast we should have choice to choose between the normal ones and the flip ones. In my opinion many of us want no notch displays rather than the notch ones. I am using Zenfone 6 and I loved it.

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  • Firstly they are Far away lost in the indian market for Zenfones since Zenfone 7 series how can we expect this from ASUS in future?

    They are not ready to change there update policies nor they want to launch any Zenfone in indian market there mainline is ROG series for INDIA so i think we are hurting ourselves thinking too much about ASUS & Zenfones we should move on now.

    If they comeup with flip line for India then definetly it will be appreciated but only if they launch it in india.

    I am ASUS User since 2015 Since then until now i am using Zenfone as my daily driver only diffrence is i have upgraded myself with Zenfone 5z as my latest phone. But after 2019 ASUS have really started dissapointing Zenfone Users in india by only focusing ROG lineups... They shall understand that ROG lineup is not everyones cup of tea.... And they cant force users to only go with ROG'S..

    I am waiting for best flip model to be launched in india from 2019 and wait is still ON.

    Dont know what is ASUS doing with larger market like india. Nor i am able to see there strategies nor any progress for them.... In terms of Zenfone's...

    Awaited for ZENFONE 9 Series with flip model to be launched in india.... i hope will not be dissapointed again with other year....!


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  • Hope never dies 😂

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