Bluetooth not supporting AAC without developer mode adjustments.

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I've been having some problems with Bluetooth codecs and my android Zenfone 8 (TW version). I had manually updated to Android 12 when I noticed the problem, then I went back to Android 11 but the problem persisted.

I've got a Sony wi-c400, which should support AAC as well as SBC. After the clean install of 11 and pairing it seemed to only connect with SBC. I had to enable developer mode to then allow me to enable HD Audio and then it connected to the headset with AAC.

Has anyone else had this problem or know how to enable HD Audio without developer mode?


  • Yes, I have the same problem on two versions. Nokia BH-805 and I wrote about it on December 9 ( An issue with bluetooth earbuds ).Can only be enabled in developer mode. But there is no such problem with the LDAC audio format on Sony STR-DN 1080. Everything connects at once without problems. And in SBC, the sound is played with distortion.

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