Rog Phone 5s Pro Slow Connection and No VOLTE

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Based in Singapore, we are not able to make phone calls if we set to LTE only via *#*#4636#*#*. How do we activate voLTE on our phone? Brought from Asus @ Bugis. But when using 2G / 3G / 4G as network preferred type no issue with phone calls. But mobile data connectivity is not stable at 4G / 4G+ keep getting H / H+. Help please, 1 Week old only the phone. No root.


  • Hello I'm from Switzerland,

    I have the same problem with the ROG 5pro S , very hard to get 4G/4G+ or 5G...

    I'm very disappointed with this phone...

    Do you have any solution?! I've tried resetting network settings but not worked.

  • Singapore, Switzerland, India etc.

    Hopefully android 12 fixes the problem or we have to get a new phone

  • Definitely, and never more an Asus 😑😑😑

  • Already saving money for a Samsung because they have long update cycle and they are super fast with fixes.

  • I'm also facing the same issue and I have found out whats wrong. It all boils down to not having VOLTE enabled for our phone.

    ROG phone 5 supports up to 4 bands: see image below, which you can find in the settings:

    The problem begins when:

    1. You made or received a phone call. This forces the band to drop from 4g+/4g to H+ (3g) because we do not have VOLTE settings enabled. Thus, 4g cannot be used.
    2. When you move to an area where 4g is not strong enough and it drops to 3g. It refuses to yield to 4g band for some dumb reason and get itself stuck there. You have to either turn on and off air plane mode or restart.
    3. You force the band to 4g and 5g only using the code #*#4636#*# so that you can get 4G+ (LTE) 99% of the time. BUT you lose the ability to call out because there is no VOLTE functionality so you cant make calls on 4G network.

    First Solution:

    1. Root, then follow the instructions at XDA forums to configure the settings, find and load the config files yourself. However, as far as i know, rooting voids the warranty and also prevents any future OTA updates for your phone.

    You decide if its worth the trouble or warranty or not.

    Second solution:

    1. Get 2 working sim cards (first solution). It sounds dumb, but this is one of the solution going forward until Asus allowed VOLTE on our phones easily.
    2. Set the band on your most data heavy plan to 4/5G and set data to be from this sim card only. This will make you lose the receive and make calls function on that line. If you are using that purely for data only, its no big deal. Then leave your main calling number as it is.
    3. If you are using both lines, set up dual sim card forwarding.


    My current settings for now is to just leave the settings as it is. It sounds dumb/counter intuitive to the above solution. However, my current set up has 2 sim cards, no change in bands for either, lock data to the main card that i use and so far, HAS 99% OF 4G connectivity.

    It might be dumb luck, but im still monitoring it.

    Hope it helps!

  • You have summarized it well, the worst for me being point 2, because when we lose a little 4G signal (Moto, Samsung, Wiko, Blackview) they remain in 4G), we lose the Data and those do not come back automatically when we return to the strong 4G zone, activating/deactivating airplane mode is an obligation.

    I reported this in August 2021, we are in January 2022 and I can't even count the number of Firmware that have not solved an essential function of a phone

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    Well, this is Asus, what can we expect? I fed up writing the issue I face n just use this rog as it is (maybe this is what Asus aiming to lessen their workload; well, Asus u achieve your goal but u also won't have a repeating customer for sure) 👎

  • I just got the 5S PRO very recently, less than a week to be exact.

    I was prepared for this situation to arise as ROG3 also suffers similarly; in a complete opposite way (Band stuck at 4G, refuses to drop to 3G for calls). The current drop in band and refusing to yield gave me a complete surprise though.

    Currently, the 2 sim cards with no change in band solution has been working great as the phone is yielding to the higher speed band (4G) after the call has ended all the time.

    But the other issue persist when you are not on VOLTE. You cannot use internet on the sim card which is on call.

    This can be easily negated by switching the data sim before or during calls.

    This set up works well although there is a small cost involve due to getting 2 sim cards. You need to balance this act on your own.

    However, this solution would not be viable if your service provider is going phase out 3G and below bandwidths and going to 4G only as you cannot make calls on 4G network. ASUS needs to get this together before that happens.

    Android 12 will not fix this issue. This is because the phone does not with the MBNs required for the operator.

    This has to be done by ASUS.

    @Gustav_ASUS As VOLTE has been a concern and owners are trying every way available to get VOLTE on their phone including rooting the phone which voids the warranty.

    Is it possible to have ASUS load the default MBNs regardless of the conversation/confirmation from each countries' operators?

    As the phone allows the option to activate it, if it doesnt work, deactivation shouldnt be a problem?

    Of course as usual, put a disclaimer if ASUS must, but that would at least buy some goodwill from ASUS ROG Phone 5 users rather than keeping quiet about this affair.

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    Sorry you guys are having big problems!

    I have the 5s North American variant here in Hollywood 🎥 Phone is on AT&T, and it's on their VoLTE whitelist. I started with a fresh AT&T SIM.

    VoLTE works. Data switches between 4G, 4G+, and 5G depending on location. Settings look like this:

  • Good for you!

    This is not entirely unexpected though. Asus has to do this because AT&T is going to phase out their 3G network entirely, ASUS has to catered to the US market because of the size of subscribers or else they will be selling a brick. Where else, asian countries are very geared towards mainstream mobile phone brand such as Samsung, Oppo etc, ROG users are much much lesser.

    The good thing is that my current provider does provides HSPA+ which is considered 4G. So although there is no VOLTE, i still can make calls.

    When you are looking into buying this phone, have you done research for it?

    This phone is ex and I always try to find out as much as possible before i made the purchase.

    Not trying to be a troll/fan boy here or to down sell ASUS's issue for ROG phones, I bought this phone fully expecting VOLTE not available and the issues that are going to be presented due to this and is fully prepared to have a work around

    For now, if your warranty has not run out, try the twin sim card solution to get the best of out it.

    For me, I will ride this out with my twin sim cards until the warranty runs out.

    That's when the Wild West of unroot phone comes into play. :D

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    I never expect there's a need to do research buying a flagship phone, I'm too outdated n for past ten years I'm using second hand phone from my bro since broke; but I do now, it's my best lesson after dealing with Asus. I do learnt now and start research for my next phone, targeting Lenovo.

    I wouldn't mind this kind of attitude if I pay 100 USD for a phone, but this is a 750 USD flagship phone, with such a low end attitude from international company Asus, hiding n not responding to customer issue.

    I'm writing this not regarding the volte issue, (maybe I have such an issue n maybe I'm not aware; I hardly make calls with my phone). I'm not such a tech guy n don't really understand this volte issue, I'm writing this bcoz I fed up with Asus attitude.

    To share my experience with u @FunBike31 , Asus never give "empty" promise, but Asus also never promises a target date to solve our issue, maybe we have to wait until the year 2030, Asus will never promise a target date, that's why they keep silent all the time 👎🏻

  • I'm sorry to hear that and I hope you can get if fixed soon one way or the other.

    This phone is on the niche side when it comes to general usage.

    Normally I also do not do research if i'm getting a mainstream phone, but ASUS has history of you know... (jus look at this forum), so I really look into it to determine how widespread the issues are and the inconvenience should it happen.

    So far, I have been lucky with ROG3 and my current S5P. If shit happens, at least i still have backup phone to work with. But I'm still on-guard, especially during the warranty period.

    My advise is this, if factory reset cannot fix it, send it to the service center, especially when its still under warranty. Don't wait.

    I wish you luck for that.

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