Zenfone max pro m1 pro call recorder

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My phone auto call recording not supported and third party app is not supported please tell. Solution


  • Hi, i have the M2 versión of the Phone, and while I miss the Asus recording application, after trying many apps I did found a third party apps that works on it, with it's limitations. I use Acr.
  • Hi

    ZenFone Max Pro m1 runs stock Android. As such we have not included ASUS ZenUI Call Recorder function inside - as to adhere closely to the AOSP build.

    Google has also disabled 3rd party applications from accessing the calls, as such blocking off this functionality, for privacy & security concerns

  • ZenFone Max Pro M2 will make Google voice  auto call recording work?  But auto call recording not supported third party app this version.  what can i do? Auto call is not registered.
    I did not buy this phone before knowing.
    Asus has cheated customers. Very Bad. I Hope, With the importance of customer needs.
    Solve the problem. Attach auto call recording as fast as possible .


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