Android consumes 30-50% of Zenfone8 battery


While waiting for ramdump issue on my ZF8 I've noticed that battery life got much worse (I didn't think that it could be any worse, but I was wrong ;) ). Probably from last FW update.

I'm not using any social apps like Instagram, Snapchat,, TikTok. No games at all. Only few text messages, some phonecalls (maybe 15-30 min./day), some Reddit/Web browsing, maybe few photos/day. Navigation maybe once a week. As you can see, I'm not heavy user, and sometimes I need to recharge my phone twice a day.

As you can notice on my screenshots, Android consumes 30-50% of battery.

All my batery settings are default. I've never changed any battery settings on all my previous phones and they were working fine. Why on Asus it's not possible? One of reasons for changing my 3 years old LG to ZF8 was to have phone with new battery... Now my 3 years old LG has better battery life than Zf8 just after 6 months of use.


Why Android consumes A LOT of battery from last FW updates?


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    Your screen-on time over 22~24 hour period is low. If you don't use the phone much at all over 22~24 hours, it's gonna make the Android System look like it obviously is the only one consuming all that battery. The Android System includes your background apps requesting for location service.

  • There are some steep drops on the capacity (notably before you partly loaded the battery). Can you correlate them with special apps or activities?

    Does a restart of the phone change anything?

    Which System Mode is active?

    I have disabled "Mobile data always active" in the developer actions. Additionally, I have disabled some seldom used apps in the auto-start-manager. With that, I have no problems of coming through the day with one charge.

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