Mobile Network lost automatically

deepakdigliyadeepakdigliya Level 1
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My Asus Zenfone 5z mobile Network lost automatically what I can do for this situation?



  • suhitkarsuhitkar Level 2

    You can switch of your phn by pressing power off+volume down and then boot back into the rom

  • This problem not solve by this process

  • Hello, I am facing this same issue, after restarting the phone the mobile network was lost. Mobile Radio power is off and even after manually turning it on, the power turns down once I leave the page. I tried restarting in all sort of ways but nothing worked.. any solution please or will I have to reach out the service center?.
  • My problem is a little bit different... Network automatically switches to 3g and i have to manually set it to lte only and it leads to calling problems :-*
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