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What are you guys getting out of the battery?

I'm not super impressed to be fair, fully charging it and by the time I'm back home in the evening is only at 15%.

I have brightness at 80% and display set to 120hz.

Hoping with future updates this can slightly improve?


  • About the same.

    But battery goes from 5% to 1% very slow. And on 1% I can use my phone for about 30 minutes. At least on my phone.

    So don't worry too much :)

  • I have the same as you and I haven't solved the problem for 3 months (battery discharges very quickly when I am outside the range of the wifi network). I'm waiting for android 12.

  • Right now I have 41% after 1d 18h (including 8h of airplane mode). 49% used (90% charging limit)

    2h30m SOT. Auto brightness. Mainly home wifi. Dual sim. Most app usage - web browsers. Autostart disabled for most apps - only allowed for apps I use regularly.

    It seems to be better after last update.

    On the last 20% of battery it takes a lot of time to kill the battery.

  • Thanks for the replies you all! 😊

    Will see if any further improvements would be with android 12.

    Anyone knows the exact date (not the beta) release?

  • Is it normal that Android consumes almost 40% of battery? From last two fw updates battery is really terrible on Zenfone. It's hard to use it from morning to evening on one charge without any heavy use....

  • For me last update made battery stay for longer.

  • It's enough sot for me :D. Usually it works for 2 days with 6h sot during them.

  • 5 hours of YouTube, minimum brightness and WiFi coverage. Your data is great, but this is a mobile device, not a PC. This phone has a problem some problem with the radio, because as soon as you leave the house the battery goes down.

  • Yes, this is my record, but looks good, i could probably get 10hours, but lost my energy before the phone and gone to sleep :D. Here is typical day when I'm working and walking outside:

  • @gabecka02 @daniel91m don't know about you, but my battery in Zenfone 8 Flip was lasting 6hrs only and now it's lasting 4 times more just setting off the adaptive brightness.

    Maybe it's worth to try!!

    Paying more close attention I noted that it was really changing the brightness every moment, the light sensor was killing the battery!...

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