Heating issue while charging and gaming after pie

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After pie update phone is getting too much heated while charging and gaming . This problem came after Android p update and I am sure it's not only in my phone. Pls DONt say to boot in safe mode or reset or latest update as I did everything.  PLS SOLVE THIS ISSUE IN NEXT FIRMWARE UPDATE


  • Hi @gyanudon13
    Could you let us know which ASUS device you are referring to?

  • Zenfone5z
  • Thanks, so to understand fully.
    You are experiencing more heat when charging + gaming at the same time? Generally this is the scenario where you will have the absolute most heat - since both fast charging and gaming will both generate a lot of heat. 

    Or are you referring to Charging and Gaming as separate - and both scenarios generate more heat than before, individually?

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    Strange. i am not facing this. In summers it is natural that phone temperature rises as overall temperature is quite high. try charging your phone in cool surroundings. while quick charge its normal that phone gets heated. regarding gaming - its normal that phone gets heated while playing graphics intensive gaming. again solution is do gaming in cool atmosphere.  
  • That is normal that the phone will heat up playing a game will charging. So i don't no why you are reporting this.....
  • Well I may be wrong but phone is going up to 45° even in charging not gaming in front of a cooler. Is it normal?
  • @gyanudon13 , When charging - are you on charging between 0 and 60%? This is the span where the fastest charging will occur - and as such the highest heat.

    If you have 45C, and phone is in idle, and charging between say 80% to 100% - 45C could be abnormal - assuming your room ambient temperature is lower (say 24C). It could indicate either some rogue app is running in the background, using a lot of cpu resources - or further examination needed.

  • My phone is asus Zen phone max pro m1 ,when I charging my phone heating very much also I playing game it get heat very much

  • My phone is asus Zen phone max pro m1 ,when I charging my phone heating very much also I playing game it get heat very much

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    Yes seperately, heating issues is much more after the .70 update

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    U never face any problem after the updates. Did asus gave u any specific phone which never get any problems. Strange it is. And what do u mean by cool surroundings, should we need to go hill station for charging and playing games in our mobiles? Or we need to move to refrigerator for cooler surroundings? Just think once what the heck u r saying. Heating issue is observed after the last update and most of the users are facing it. So instead of asking them to move to some hill station. Ask devs to check the software and update to resolve the heating issues. Thank you

  • I know what i am saying. I am probably using this phone for over 1 year 8 months and i know all the bugs/problems it had in past. 70 is by far the best update in terms of battery and performance. Heating is much common in summers also 845 is flagship series processor. Also due to covid-19 llockdown there is excess load on internet. Also you wont be running Pubg on low settings it must be High or Ultra. So using all your resources to peak causes heating. Plain and simple science. Summers + full load on resources= heating. Also Pubg has its own share of bugs so why always blame Asus? doyou ever complain to Pubg devs? i get it you are irritated with the heating but please be careful with the way you reply. Sit in cooler/AC and then try playing games see the difference. No need to go in hill-station, But if you ever go to one, please dump your frustration there.

  • @Guri27 This is proper explanation. Tell me what part you did not understand. he is saying the same thing as me. Sin summer ambient temperature in surrounds is much more. Now add HD graphics and Pubg bugs. You have your heating problem. And next time be polite.

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    I'm using pubg on smooth and medium and still facing the heating issue. Anti aliasing is off which cause heating issue when enabled. What will you say now? Did asus pay you for taking their side? You come here put ac at my home and also please pay my electricity bill at time so that i can play games and charge my phones in cooler temperature. Why you guys are not ready to accept the problem which is most of the users are complaining about? Why are you proving everyone there wrong? Why don't you ask your devs to check what is causing the heating issue. And for your kind information my room temp is 22°c in mid noon when the temperature is maximum outside. So there's no excuse left for you to blame the users. Ask your devs to check the issue or just tell us that you guys don't want to work on the 5z issues anymore

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    Why I'm playing game on smooth and medium from the date i downloaded it. And one more thing. After switching off the phone still it heats up? What will you say now? Even i don't use the case provided for protection which you guys make excuse that remove case is doesn't let the heat pass etc etc. I'm repeating again ask your devs to check the reasons causing heating and also improve the camera. Thank u once again

  • Do u mean heating occurs even after u switch off? If this is the case than there may be some serious issue with ur hardware u need to take ur device to service centre for checkup

    Also i am heavy gamer and even i may say m not facing any heating issue till date but battery backup for gaming is not up to the mark it use to be in oreo or pie (only for gaming) n for me heating is observed only during charging which i feel is bit higher than it use to be in pie .

    There are some several issues like frame drops and stutters n lags in pubg after pubgs latest update and some are from android 8 like stutters which is already in investigation from asus y_asus mod has already confirmed it, but i feel that some issues are from pubg side coz u can see ROG2 forum there are list of complains from users there regarding pubg so what cn we say if gaming phone cant handle it smoothly than where does 5Z even exist? we may face some issues android is not greatly optimised with pubg and also A10 is reason for some issues which is yet to be optimised with pubg

    Issue m seeing after .70 update is slow tap to focus or auto focus m observing in night-shots only via snapchat other 3rd party apps are doing good even stock camera is not having issues regarding focus but snapchat struggles alot

    Overall .70 update is smoother till date but needs some more polish and m sure asus is doing it by monthly updates few issues fixed few are yet to be fixed here and there and this will be done very soon we have to just wait and watch 😊

  • First thing try to be polite. We are here trying to help you, you dont pay us to respond. second thing you disclosed many things in the later replies you posted. High chances your device has hardware issues. visit a service centre. cause no normal phone heats up after switching off. Did you perform factory reset after upgrading to A10? DId you complain to Pubg about the bugs in latest update? just explore all options.

  • I have read that there are many people who used this application in my area

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